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Wire Cutters Work

Setting – Wire Cutters

A sea of fluffy, white clouds conceal the desolate planet below. A bleak, barren land littered with rocks where mountains lay on the horizon covered in a misty blanket. The light is dull, dull because no sun can penetrate the thick, cloudy atmosphere. The only colour is the emerald green of the gems the robots are mining. The deserted land is dry and cracked, there is no sign of any greenery or water. The wind whips around the planet, yet there are no branches to blow…

By Ruby


Setting – Wire Cutters

Planet description

This planet is rocky and barren as far as the eye can see. It is grey because of the amount of clouds in the sky and all the silt and debris on the ground. On this distant, hostile planet with debris and rocks for as far as the eye can see, there is not a human in sight. Only droids live here as the planet does not have the resources for human habitation.

The clouds

As far as the eye can see, there are churning clouds for miles around. Above the rough, windy clouds, the sky is bathed in sunlight but below, the clouds are so thick that on the ground it is dark when it’s both day and night. 

By Harri C


Dialogue - Wire Cutters

Sparky and Jeff (the second robot) were both looking for the gleaming, green crystals. Sparky used his x-ray vision to find crystals inside the rugged rocks spread out over the planet.

“Jeff! Come quick I’ve found some more crystals,” beckoned Sparky.

“Where…. I can’t see anything?” replied Jeff.

“I have x-ray vision,” explained Sparky. “I can see that there are crystals inside this rock but I’m not strong enough to break it.” 

Jeff trundled over to where Sparky was pointing and asked, “Which rock are they inside?”

“In this one right here!” Sparky exclaimed pointing to the rock with his claw like hand.

Jeff repeatedly smashed his strong, metal head down onto the rock. After a few smashes, the rock broke open and the glorious, green crystals were revealed.

“Wow! We should work together Jeff and share the crystals between us. What do you think?” asked Sparky.

by Daniel