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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team

Acting Headteacher: Mrs A. Farquharson

Early Years/Year 1 Leader: Mrs C.James

Year 2/Year3 Leader: Miss K.Whitehead

Year 4/Year 5 Leader: Mr G. Flynn

Year 6 Leader: Mrs P.Stephens


SENCO: Mrs L. Webb 

Teaching Team


Reception Class RJM: Mrs C. James and Miss Gemma Munday (SCITT)

Reception Class RS: Mrs A. Stephens

Year 1 Class 1B: Mrs L. Burrows

Year 1 Class 1BA: Mrs L. Barham

Year 2 Class 2G: Miss L.Goh

Year 2 Class 2W: Miss K. Whitehead

Year 3 Class 3G: Ms B. Gove

Year 3 Class 3S: Mr F.Stuckey

Year 4 Class 4D: Ms A.Donovan

Year 4 Class 4P:Miss E.Porter

Year 5 Class 5F: Mrs K. Fajkus

Year 5 Class 5H: Mrs A. Harrison

Year 6 Class 6D:Mrs J.Donovan

Year 6 Class 6S: Mrs P. Stephens


Additional Teachers:

Mrs A. Rogers  (Years 5 and 6)

Mr A. Savvides (PE)



Support Staff


Higher Level Teaching Assistant/Learning Mentor: Mrs S. Potter

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs S. Temple


Learning Support Assistants:                           

Miss D.Cassels                                                                 

Mrs D. Clements                             

Mrs L. Conti

Mrs N. Conway                                       

Mrs M. Ekanayake                                           

Mrs C. Fitch

Mrs N. Friend

Miss S.Mbarouk

Mrs K. Pelaria

Mrs D.Smith

Mrs J. Tassie

Mrs S. Thomas

Mrs L. Wakeman

Miss H.Weigler

Miss L.Whitmarsh

Mrs M.Willicombe


Midday Assistants:

Miss D. Cassels 

Ms B.Chatt

Mrs D. Clements

Mrs L. Conti 

Mrs N. Conway

Mrs M. Ekanayake                                           

Mrs C. Fitch

Mrs N. Friend

Mrs S. Heath                                  

Miss S.Mbarouk

Mrs K. Pelaria

Mrs S. Potter

Mrs D. Smith

Mrs J. Tassie

Mrs L. Wakeman


Finance and Systems Manager: Mrs C.Lowrie

Office Administrator: Mrs A.Twinn

Office Administrator/Headteacher's PA: Mrs D. Dunning



Site Manager: Mr B. Bollen


Cleaning Staff: Mr S.Heath

Cleaning Staff: Mrs K. O'Leary

Cleaning Staff: Mrs J. Serwaah


Acting Catering Manager: Mrs M. Stoica

Kitchen Staff: Miss D.Belgrave

Kitchen Staff: Miss J. Noble

Kitchen Staff: Miss S. Ward

Kitchen Staff: Mrs S. Hanshaw

Kitchen Staff: Mrs L.Gibbs

Kitchen Staff:Mrs Y. Svatkovskiene