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Shop&Give in a Web Browser


The Giving Machine runs a scheme called Shop&Give which donates a percentage of purchases from hundreds of online retailers including Tesco, Argos, Currys, B&Q and SportsDirect at no additional cost to you. Here's how to set up Shop&Give so that the school receives a donation every time you shop with these retails from a web browser.


How to use Shop&Give


Before you can use Shop&Give you'll need to register an account - see How to Register for Shop&Give from The Giving Machine for instructions on doing this.


Once you've registered you can install a free browser extensions from one of the following app stores:


With the extension installed, you'll see additional information in search results when you search highlighting which online stores offer donations - for example a search for "washing machines" might look like this:



And when you visit on online retailer website that participates in Shop&Give you'll be shown an alert that you need to click in order to activate donations when you use the website's checkout.



If you click the button donations will automatically be transferred to the school account when you purchase from the website.




  • You can see how much you've raised for the school by clicking the browser extension icon

  • You can see how much the school has raised in total by clicking "Your Account" and then "Buckhurst Hill Community Primary School" at the bottom of the popup window. This will open a new browser and show you a summary of the total donations received by the school