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Anglo-Saxon Projects
Picture 1 Anya's Anglo-Saxon poster
Picture 2 Polly's project on the Anglo-Saxons
Picture 3 Hania's work on the Anglo-Saxons
Picture 4 Louie's Anglo-Saxon project
Picture 5 and his Anglo-Saxon helmet!
Sound Projects

Luca's sound project

Still image for this video
Picture 1 Louie's sound project
Picture 2 Louie's sound project cont'd
Picture 3 Louie's sound project cont'd
Picture 4 Louie's instrument...
Picture 5 ... and instructions for making it!
Picture 6 Maia's sound project...
Picture 7 ...complete with springing fact boxes!
Picture 8 Polly's Science project
Picture 9 and her colourful musical creation..
Picture 10 Wait! There's even more instruments!
Picture 11 Hania's Science Project
Picture 12 Sound!

Louie demonstrating his home-made instrument!

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Hania demonstrating her home-made instrument!

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Passion Projects (Easter)
Picture 1 Tom's project on venomous snakes!
Picture 2 The snake model he put together and painted,
Picture 3 and maps of snakes of Africa, Australia and Asia..
Picture 4 ... more specifically, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.
Picture 5 Francesca's project on chocolate
Picture 6 Learn about how it's made...
Picture 7 and lots of other interesting facts!
Picture 8 Yum!
Picture 1 Louie's Lego project
Picture 2 Antonio's Fortnite project
Picture 3 Maia's football project
Picture 4 Aimee's guinea pig project (and guinea pig!)