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Afternoon Project

The project this week aims to provide opportunities to learn more about the world’s rainforests. Learning may focus on the plants, animals and insects that inhabit the rainforest, food that originates there and weather patterns. It could look at plants and animals that can be found in the garden too.


● Deforestation: Destroying Animal Habitats and The Homes of Humans- Deforestation occurs in rainforests throughout the world. Trees are cut down on a huge scale, often to create space for grazing livestock or buildings. As part of this process, animal habitats and the homes of native people are often destroyed. Create a poster highlighting the impact of deforestation on both humans and animals. Think of possible solutions to some of these challenges and include these solutions on your posters.


● Welcome to The Jungle: Let Creativity Roar!- Henri Rousseau was a French painter from the 19th Century who created many paintings inspired by jungles and rainforests, although he never actually visited one. Explore facts about this famous painter and create a jungle/rainforest piece of artwork in his style. You could draw, paint or create a collage, depending on the resources you have available at home.


● Discovering Far off Lands- In the 16th century, Sir Walter Raleigh sailed the Atlantic Ocean in search of a place called El Dorado. His expedition took him to Guyana and his search led him to discover the country’s rainforest. 400 years on, a group of children have taken on the challenge to follow in Sir Walter’s footsteps in their own expedition to Guyana. Watch this clip and explore the others on the BBC Teach website. Plan your own expedition and consider what you would need to take with you. Alternatively, you could write a first-hand account of your time in the rainforest from the perspective of Sir Walter. Remember that Sir Walter would not have had access to the mod cons we do now.


● Rumble in The Jungle - Get that Heart Rate Going! - Increase their heart rate by challenging yourself  and members of the family to mimic the actions of animals which inhabit rainforests. Actions could include: jumping over logs, ducking under branches, high knees through quicksand, running from a tiger etc. Record yourr heart rate (beats per minute) after each activity. Which activity increased your heart rate most?
Recommendation at least 2 hours of exercise a week.


● Deforestation: Our Climate and Our Planet- As well as impacting on animal habitats and native people, deforestation is also a major contributor towards climate change. Create an awareness leaflet about the effects of climate change on our planet and how deforestation is contributing towards this.