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Click on the 'Gallery' link  below to see a video message from the staff at BHCPS to all of you! smiley

A little something for all the parents and carers...

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Picture 1 Well done 4P - all on Platinum!!
Picture 2



It all began at the start of the year

A virus from China began to spread fear

The whole world began to shut down

Every country, city, village and town

Parents were home and school was closed

But for how long? – nobody knows!

A new routine starts with our exercise fix

Everyday in the lounge at 9 with Joe Wicks

English and Maths then spellings and grammar

Which is often done on Zoom with my Nana

After this we usually bake

And now we’re all eating so much cake

Sometimes we see friends at the end of our drive

But not close enough to give a high five

We go outside to clap on a Thursday night

Everyone cheering our NHS - what a wonderful sight

Boris said we may go back to school soon

Fingers crossed its before the end of June

I miss my teachers and also my friends

We can’t wait for “normal” when all of this ends.

Picture 1 Herbie with his limericks!
Picture 2 Finding newts in the pond!
Picture 3 Polly working hard on a bug hotel...
Picture 4 sawing, hammering, gluing...
Picture 5 and the finished product! Lucky bugs!!
Picture 6 Antonio working hard and practising his football!
Picture 7 Antonio's science experiment about teeth enamel
Picture 8 Polly has been busy - camping in the garden...
Picture 9 decorating rocks...
Picture 10 enjoying the rainbow outside school :) ...
Picture 11 and practising the recorder with Barnaby!
Picture 12 Hetti and her siblings hard at work!
Picture 13 VE Day bunting by Hetti and her family
Picture 14 ... and more!
Picture 15 Hetti and siblings cracking Morse code messages!
Picture 16 VE Day BBQ on their drive
Picture 17 Yummy VE Day Cupcakes by Hetti's family
Picture 18 Ice lollies after water fun for Hetti & co!
Picture 19 Thank you to everyone!
Picture 20 Izzy's VE Day bunting
Picture 21 Izzy's newspaper report on Charlie & Choc Factory!

Anya's Rap

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Anya's Coin Eating Robot

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Anya's Beowulf Story

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Picture 1 Ms Martha teaching her younger brother!
Picture 2 Martha's Family Tree project
Picture 3 Enjoying VE day :)
Picture 4 Martha's cloud fact sheet
Picture 5 Stay safe everyone :)
Picture 6 Anya (and her mum) made Anglo-Saxon brooches
Picture 7 Anya making her coin eating robot!
Picture 8 Aimee's Union Flag for VE Day!
Picture 9 Hania finding some lovely rocks...
Picture 10 and more!
Picture 11 Amazing English work Hania!
Picture 12 and great work on the Anglo-Saxons too.
Picture 13 Some of Hania's maths...
Picture 14 and time for some fun in a fort! :)
Picture 15 Freddie washing his fruit ready for...
Picture 16 ...Fruit kebabs! Delicious
Picture 17 Freddie's Maths
Picture 18 Lots of times tables..
Picture 19 and even more. Well done Freddie!
Picture 20 Freddie in the kichen
Picture 21 Baking time with Fred!
Picture 22 Look at Freddie's beautiful handwriting!
Picture 23 and some of his amazing work
Picture 24 Billy's work on the 4 seasons using paragraphs!
Picture 25 Louie's very long bubble snake!
Picture 26 A poem Louie wrote about visiting the Simpsons
Picture 27 Elizabeth's beautiful artwork
Picture 28 and more!
Picture 29 Hetti's version of Fantastic Beasts!
Picture 30 Hamza is looking forward to riding Poppy the pony!
Picture 31 Walter's lovely artwork!
Picture 32 Hania enjoying nature
Picture 33 Making sushi! :)
Picture 34 Hania working hard on her English
Picture 35 Having fun finding decorated rocks :)
Picture 36 Still running...Go Polly!

Antonio's Karate skills!

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Alex's Easter Challenge awesome dance (with added effects by Ms Donovan)

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...and a rap!! Well done Alex and his camera-girl sister!

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Picture 1 Alex's Easter Challenge! Build a tower
Picture 2 Alex's Easter challenge! Read somewhere unusual
Picture 3 Alex's Easter challenge! Build a den
Picture 4 Easter challenge! Looking good!
Picture 5 Alex with his Anglo-Saxon runes :)
Picture 6 Enjoying colouring some eggs with his sister
Picture 7 and here are their beautiful results!
Picture 8 Alex doing some baking...
Picture 9 Yummy!
Picture 10 Seb hard at work!
Picture 11 and enjoying some colouring in
Picture 12 Seb's amazing picture of the Titanic
Picture 13 Drop Everything And Read!
Picture 14 Seb and his brother enjoy an al fresco breakfast
Picture 15 Michael enjoying reading in the garden
Picture 16 Michael dyed some eggs with his mum over Easter..
Picture 17 ..with beautiful results!
Picture 18 The bunny likes them too
Picture 19 Polly saying hello to some cows :) Moo!
Picture 20 The artist at work..
Picture 21 and the beautiful, finished piece!
Picture 22 Max with an origami cat (or fox according to Max!)
Picture 23 Max can now jump almost 6ft!
Picture 24 Busy Bailey Building!
Picture 25 and Bailey enjoying some delicious fruit!
Picture 26 Happy Birthday Aimee!
Picture 27 Antonio working outside in the lovely weather!
Picture 28 Antonio baking a cake...
Picture 29 and then eating it!
Picture 30 Why not try a fun experiment like Hania...
Picture 31 and see the kinds of results you get!
Picture 32 Hania having fun
Picture 33 Hania doing some scienc-y art!
Picture 34 Hania's cooking!
Picture 35 Antonio doesn't seem to be enjoying his work....
Picture 36 ... oh wait, maybe he is enjoying it!
Picture 37 Polly's chickens laid chocolate eggs!
Picture 38 Planting Polly!
Picture 39 Polly investigating static electricity
Picture 40 Polly the drumming dude!
Picture 41 Francesca and her sister in their Easter bonnets!
Picture 42 Francesca's message to the NHS
Picture 43 Along with Fran's beautiful rainbow
Picture 44 Happy Easter from Hania
Picture 45 Ms Donovan enjoyed painting pots
Picture 46 Ms Donovan finally completed her puzzle!
Picture 47 Miss Porter has been cleaning her garden patio!
Picture 48 Ms Donovan and Miss Porter’s abstract artwork!!
Picture 49 Anya with her family of origami cats!
Picture 50 Nate Mc's train track painting
Picture 51 Luca working hard!
Picture 52 Anglo-Saxon artefacts drawn by Polly
Picture 53 Alex's maths work
Picture 54 More art from Arty Polly!
Picture 55 Alex's sentences
Picture 56 Alex's dialogue scenes
Picture 57 Alex's comprehension work
Picture 58 Martha enjoying nature with a friendly toad :)
Picture 59 Martha enjoying cooking!
Picture 60 Hania's work on the Anglo-Saxons
Picture 61 Hania writing a book review
Picture 62 A lovely Easter (egg) craft!
Picture 63 Polly soaking her brother during a water fight!
Picture 64 Run Polly run!
Picture 65 Polly (and Barnaby) playing the glockenspiels
Picture 66 Arty Polly!
Picture 67 Anya's Princess and the Pea storyboard
Picture 68 Francesca working with her sister and puppy Magda!
Picture 69 Hania researching animals
Picture 70 Hania watching Boris Johnson's speech
Picture 71 Crafty Hania
Picture 72 Hania enjoying her maths!

The Princess and the Pea Lego film by Evie

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