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We will be setting a new project each fortnight (until we can return to school) which will cover a variety of the other curriculum subjects. If you have not yet completed a project, please feel free to chose whichever project you find most interesting, or to complete projects in conjunction with each other. 




Our topic before Easter was sound. The Summer term topics are electricitysustainability and food chains.

The other topics we have covered in so far this year are:

  • the digestive system and teeth
  • states of matter (solids, liquids and gases)
  • classifying animals




Our latest project in computing was creating a chatbot in Scratch. The Summer term projects are creating race games in Scratch and creating a video or storyboard for Childnet's 2020 film competition .

The other topics we have covered in so far this year are:

  • researching using safe search
  • creating a powerpoint


Learn about algorithms

If we want a computer to understand how to do something we need to give it an algorithm. An algorithm is a list of steps you give to a computer to solve a problem or get something done.


  • Why not be a robot? Can you get a parent/carer or sibling from one side of the room to the other by giving them an algorithm (specific instructions)? Remember they can only do what you tell them to! Can they be the 'brain' and you be the robot?
  • What about writing an algorithm for brushing your teeth? Write down step by step instructions...You can check how well you've done by asking a sibling or parent/carer to follow your instructions! You could even send in your algorithm to Ms Donovan and she'll follow your instructions and see how well you've done!



With the help of the leading privacy law firm Schillings, the Childrens Commissioner have produced a digital safety and wellbeing kit for parents and a safety guide for children to help ensure they are safe, and their wellbeing is looked after while at home during the coronavirus outbreak when their screen time maybe higher than usual.




Our most recent topic was Roman Britain. The Summer term topic is Anglo-Saxons.

The other topic we studied this year was the Iron Age, looking at the artefacts and the hill forts the Celts lived in.




The topic before Easter was changes over time in Buckhurst Hill - we did not get on to looking at the changes in Buckhurst Hill before schools closed, however we were very impressed with all the research done for the half term projects! The Summer topic is Sustainability which links with our upcoming Science topic.

The other topic we studied this year was the Florida and Walt Disney World, looking at tourism, time zones and studying the world map.


Art and DT


The unit before Easter was maps. Summer term units include creating Anglo Saxon art  and sustainable art. 

The other topics we have looked at this year are:

  • North American artists (including John Singer Sargent - painter, Frank Lloyd Wright - architect and Helen Frankenthaler - abstract artist)
  • creating Iron Age staters
  • Roman mosaics


Research upcycling, sustainable fashion or land art (based on the work of British artists Andy Goldsworthy or Richard Long). Try your own upcycling project or creating some land art outside using leaves, stones and twigs!


Create flags for the UK and the four individual countries

Create a map of the UK – it could be a picture or if you are ambitious, you could make a 3D model map!


Religious Education


The topic for the Summer term is Sikhism, looking at the key beliefs and teachings of the religion. 

The other topics we have covered in so far this year are:

  • Christianity - The parables of Jesus
  • Hinduism - Brahma and worship
  • Buddhism - Living as a Buddhist
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Personal Social Health and Economic (PSHE)


Please see the 'Wellbeing' section for other activities to support PSHE




The unit before Easter was glockenspiels. Summer term units include compositions (creating our own songs) based on songs we have covered in the year.

The other topics we have looked at this year are:

  • finding rhythm
  • pitch



The unit before Easter was festivals and months of the year. Summer term units include numbers 31-60, weather and food.

The other topics we have covered in so far this year are:

  • greetings
  • describing facial features (eyes, hair, etc)
  • hobbies
  • telling time

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