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Letter from Mrs Farquharson 20.4.20

Dear Parents/Carers,
I hope that you are all keeping well. I have seen many of you out and about during the past few weeks, taking advantage of the nice weather, which is lovely.
The announcement from the government about the 3 week extension to the lock-down will undoubtedly have come as no surprise to you all. Further comments from Gavin Williamson today, make it clear that there is no firm decision yet, as to when we will be returning to school. As necessary as it is, this certainly doesn't come without its challenges, particularly for those of you who are home educating whilst continuing to work. The following link has excellent advice regarding home education, which you may find useful.
The BBC has developed a range of daily education programmes which start on Monday 20th April.
Gareth Williamson also spoke about the Oak Academy which has devised lessons for children to access whilst at home. This starts Monday 20th April.
Please do refer to the class pages on the website for resources. These are regularly updated by staff. Don't forget also to sneak a look at a different class page if you need alternative/additional activities for your child.
All staff are desperately keen to help, so do not hesitate to contact them via their school email address.
I am aware that some families may be experiencing financial hardship at this time. I am able to issue vouchers for those entitled to free school meals, and I can make referrals to the food bank if required. Please do get in touch if you or anyone you know, needs this support.
The school continues to support families of key workers, providing care for their children each day. I would like to thank all staff for their continued support of this.
Finally, Mr Flynn and I are in school every day, so please do contact us if you require any support, or simply just to say ' hello'.
We hope to see you all very soon.
Keep safe and well,

Alison Farquharson