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Numbers to 100

Building on the lessons before easter this week we are looking at adding within 100.

Lots of these methods the children have learnt before with number up to 40. These lessons should be a nice recap and securing of knowledge and methods.




Simple addition within 100. Today we are using two methods the counting on method and the number bond method. These method can both be used for adding smaller numbers to bigger 2 digit numbers and learning them helps to build mental addition. 


The children can work through the presentation with Miss Whitehead speaking over the top. There is a work sheet that the children can complete whilst watching the presentation this is called ' working alongside the presentation'. This sheet goes through examples step by step. The children may need to watch more than once. They will learn the counting on method and then should complete the counting on worksheet before coming back to the presentation and the working document to learn the second method. If the sound doesn't work the powerpoint takes a step by step through the method. 

Lesson 1- simple addition

I have managed to upload the video onto youtube. This runs through the presentation very smoothly so might be the best option. You will need to pause it at the points that require you to complete the worksheets.


This lesson follows on from yesterday. It is simple addition using the column method. The worksheets and follow along with the presentation are all on one document. There are a lot of questions. Not all of the questions need to be completed if the children loose concentration do a few from each sheet to make sure they understand the method.


Follow either the presentation or the video.

Lesson 2 simple addition

Year 2 simple addition using the column method.


Today is more addition with 100 using the column method, but this time it includes regrouping . Print off the worksheets to work alongside the powerpoint. 



Lesson 3 more addition

Lesson 3 in adding to 100, more column method. This time with regrouping.


Solving missing word problems using addition. Go through the worksheets with the video.

Lesson 4 Missing Numbers

Solving subtraction missing number problems using addition.


This lesson is all about applying the skills learn this week to solving word problems. The video has a step by step approach to using bar models to solve three different types of word problems. The final challenge is to know which one to use when solving the mystery of.. WHICH TEACHER ATE THE MOST STAFF ROOM TREATS!

Lesson5 addition with in 100- Word problems

This lesson ties all the skills we have learnt this week together along with giving a step by step of how to use bar models to solve some addition problems.