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10 Times Tables

This week we are going to practice multiplying and dividing by 10. We will also be applying our 2 and 5 times tables too. 

There are extra resources if you need. 


Today we are multiplying by 10.

Lesson 1- Multiplying by 10


Today we are learning to divide by 10.

Lesson 2 Division


Today we are going to answer multiplication word problems.

Lesson 3 -10 Times Table Multiplication Word Problems


Today we are solving division word problems. 

You could also try this booklet.

Lesson 4- Division problems


Today's lesson is a bit different, now we have covered the times tables on the year 2 curriculum we can use this lesson to prepare and deepen  knowledge of multiplication. Use the White Rose lesson to learn about arrays. Answer the word problems on multiplication and division, and as a challenge complete the mastery cards.


Under extra resources for this lesson I have also made available the white rose worksheets for 2s,5s and 10 times tables for extra practice. These have missing number and extra problems to help deepen your mastery of times tables. 



Year 2 - Use arrays