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This week's topic is telling the time in a clock. In year two the main outcomes are to O'clock, Half past, quarter past and quarter to. With the challenge of 5 minute intervals, some children find time a tricky one to grasp and although we have been over it in class it might take some time. Take your time this week, each lesson build upon the last, if o'clock and half past is tricky then do that lesson until it is learnt and then move on. Repeat the lessons until the skill is learnt ( if needed) before moving on. 


I will add some links to extra sheets at the bottom of the page so that you can practice as much as needed. It might also be a good idea ( if you have the resources) to make a clock using a paper plate or some card. 


Todays lesson is telling the time to O'clock and half past. You will need to read the time on a clock and draw hand on a clock to show the time. Keep an eye on the facts about time as they may come up in tomorrows lesson. 

Lesson 1 - Telling the time to O'clock and half past


Today we are learning to tell the time to quarter past. There will be questions on O'clock and half past too! Keep practicing :) 

Lesson 2 Telling the time- quarter past


This lesson is telling the time to quarter to.

Lesson 3 telling the time- quarter to


Todays lesson is telling the time in 5 minute intervals up to half past. 

Lesson 4 - 5 minute intervals past


Make sure you have got your thinking cap on for this lesson. Telling the time to the next hour.

Once you've completed it why not try the challenge!


Lesson 5 -Telling the time -5 minute intervals to