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This week's topic is numbers to 100

Tuesday- Place value

Wednesday- Partitioning numbers

Thursday- comparing numbers using <,>,=

Friday- number patterns  


This lesson should remind children of place value. We have looked at this already with numbers up to 40. Follow the powerpoint and complete the worksheets. 

For challenge follow the dive into mastery cards found in lesson resources. As extra play the games linked to the lesson powerpoint.


Use the lesson powerpoint and activity sheets from lesson resources. For challenge use the diving into mastery cards. 


Work through the lesson powerpoint. Encourage children to first  compare the number of tens the numbers have if the number of tens is different the number with more tens is the bigger number e.g 39 has 3 tens, 42 has 4 tens so 39<42. If the number has the same number of tens, then look at the ones column e.g 24 has 2 tens and 4 ones, 28 has 2 tens and 8 ones. They have the same number of tens but 28 has more ones so 24<28. 

Complete the worksheets, the increase I difficulty. For challenge complete the diving into master cards found in lesson resources. For extra do some of the activities found in resources. 


Work through the lesson powerpoint. The children can use a similar strategy to yesterdays lesson. They can first look at the tens and if the tens are the same move on to looking at the ones. Complete the activity sheet in lesson resources. For challenge complete the dive into mastery cards and for extra complete some of the other activities in lesson resources.