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This week we are looking at applying our skills to pounds. 


Today we are adding in pounds. We will need to use the column method, these skills are really important in life to make sure you know the value of money and items.  

Lesson 10 of Money, adding in pounds


Today we are subtracting money in pounds. This will help us to work out the amount of change we will need to receive, if we pay for something in a shop. 

Subtracting in pounds


Today we will use addition and subtraction to answer two step word problems involving money in pounds.

Solving two step problems


Today we are going to be looking at how we can work out what to buy with a certain amount of pounds. You will need to be able to identify more and less of a number and use addition. 

What can I buy £


All skills in pounds

Today you are going to apply all your skills from the week to answer the questions. Make sure you read each question carefully and if you are feeling up for it try the challenge at the end!


All skills £s

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