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Work for the week beginning Monday 1st June. 


  • Day 1 –Read the start of The Promise. Think about similes and powerful words.  Make an illustration for part of the story.  
  • Day 2 – Watch Nicola Davies (the author) read The Promise. Write answers to questions about the book and then practise reading an extract aloud.
  • Day 3 – Read an article about re-wilding, related to The Promise. Retrieve the important facts, then practise telling the story. Write summary sentences using the Endpapers.
  • Day 4 –Look at the Powerpoint attached below on Word Classes. Read about sea creatures and practise classifying words. Research one of the sea creatures.
  • Day 5 – Read the poem, ‘Long, Lone.’ Practise building sentences using words from different classes and then experiment with re-writing the poem, using different words of the same class. Present their new poem or the original in their best handwriting.    

All of the worksheets and the Powerpoint are attached below. 

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