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This week is money. This can be quite a hard concept for children to grasps especially now days when most of the time we use cards to spend with. Take you time with this topic and go at your child's pace. If they are really struggling then practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s before you continue. Do role play activities or even start a chore rota that the children can do to earn and count their own money. Maybe the final challenge of them completing their chores is they have to tell you which coins you have to give them.


Today we are learning about the value of different coins and how to make different amounts. Take time to really grasp this you may want to watch the video more than once and have actual coins in front of you.

Lesson 1 coins

There are a few typos in this one! OOPS it took a long time so I hope you can forgive me for not re-uploading it.


Today we are continuing to look at money and will be learning about notes. The children will be counting amounts in £s and thinking  of different ways to make amounts. The children might find this lesson easier than yesterday as we are only sticking to £s a concept that children tend to grasp quicker.

Lesson 2 of Money- notes


Today we are going to be comparing amounts of money. We will need to use our skills that we learnt at the start of the week to first count the amount of money. 

L3 comparing amounts


This lesson will use all the skills from this week. If this is tricky the best thing is to focus on the earlier skills of counting and recognising money. 

L4 using money