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This week we are learning subtraction within 100. The lessons will follow a similar structure to the addition lessons last week. 

Todays lesson is simple subtraction using the counting back method and the number bond method. Follow the video and complete the worksheets.

Lesson 1 simple subtraction

Simple subtraction within 100. Using the counting back method and the number bonds method.


Today we are using the column method for simple subtraction. Watch the video and work through the worksheets.  We start with some place value just like last week. 

Lesson 2 column method

Lesson 2 of simple subtraction. Using the column method!


Todays lesson is subtraction with regrouping using the column method. Work through the worksheets. The last worksheet has a mix of subtraction questions to check that the children really understand how to use this method.

L3 - More subtraction

Subtraction with regrouping.


Today is solving missing number problems using subtraction. There are two different times we use subtraction to find the missing number and both of them are when we look for the whole.

L4 missing number problems


Today we are going to apply the skills we have learnt this week to solve word problems and even solve the mystery of which teacher ate the most during Mr Flyn's zoom birthday party. 

Lesson 5 word problems