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Project 2- History - The Anglo-Saxons


Your second home learning project for the summer term is based around our new history topic of the Anglo-Saxons.


Your challenge is to make an information brochure/poster/powerpoint/video (or whatever creative endeavour you can come up with!) about the Anglo-Saxons (use the questions in the document below to help guide you) and to create a picture of an Anglo-Saxon artefact.

Here are information sheets you can use to help you in case you are unable to access safe search to find facts and  two powerpoints with pictures of the Sutton Hoo excavation and the artefacts discovered:

The Anglo-Saxons used runes for writing. Use the Anglo-Saxon Runes on this worksheet to translate the the names of the kingdoms and also the extra message from your teachers!

Challenge – Can you write your own secret message using runes and see if a parent/carer, sibling or your teacher can work it out?!

Here is an activity sheet from the National Trust about Sutton Hoo – the information to answer the questions can be found on the National Trust website and through safe search: