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Why do we love being beside the sea so much?

This is our question for this half term. Each lesson will have a sub question which will answer throughout.


The primary objective of this enquiry is to enable pupils, as young geographers, to identify and begin to understand the key physical and human geographical features of the seaside as one example of the broader concept of ‘coasts’. Through the investigation they become able to distinguish between common coastal land uses and those that frequently occur in rural or urban environments. Pupils can come to understand that the seaside is only one example of the many different places around the world, where the land meets the sea. 

Lesson 1

Print off the worksheets to go through with the lesson. Miss Whitehead is speaking over the powerpoint or you can use the video version of the powerpoint presentation. Remember to pause it as you go through to complete your work.

How is the seaside different from other place?

Lesson 1 of year 2 Geography.