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Ghost Boy: School Tasks

Watch the film ‘Ghost Boy’. This week’s tasks are all based on the film.


Task 4 – 2 days
You are going to retell the story from the perspective of either Alfie or Ghost Boy.
It needs to be written in the 1st person as if you are Alfie or Ghost Boy - I, me, my
Read my examples of paragraphs 1 and 2 as an example of how to start.



You are going to include as many of the following:

1. Variety of sentence types

  • Rhetorical question
    Have you ever found yourself standing in front of the house of your nightmares and told that this was your new home?
  • Fronted adverbial
    Gazing up at the imposing and eerie-looking house in front of me which was to become my new home, I felt horrified.
  • Complex sentence with subordinate clause
    The house, with its gloomy façade and desolate location, was to become my new home.
  • Alan Peat Sentence types (see sheet)


2. Punctuation

  • semi-colon for closely related clauses
    I walked towards the eerie, imposing house; my heart was beating like a drum and my feet felt like jelly.
  • commas, dashes, brackets for parenthesis
    My life and home as I knew it – comfortable, safe and normal – was about to change forever.
    My life and home as I knew it (comfortable, safe and normal ) was about to change forever.
    My life and home as I knew it, comfortable, safe and normal , was about to change forever.
  • colon for de:de sentence
    The house was a monster: it had dusty, cracked windows for eyes and a creaky, dilapidated door which looked like it would swallow you whole!

3. Speech

  • reporting clause before, after and split speech




  • family - Mum, Alfie, Sarah the goldfish, Granny - arrived at the house.
  • Mum busied herself, Alfie went upstairs to choose a room.
  • Room 1 - collapsing floor - Granny's room.
  • Room 2 - Evil, wind-up doll - Mum's room.
  • Room 3 - Alfie met Ghost Boy who lives in the evil chest of darkness.
  • Room 4 - horrific kidnapping giant spider and his hostage fly - spare room.
  • Alfie ran back downstairs.
    Mum reassured him that there was nothing wrong with the house.
    Granny fell through the ceiling.
  • Alfie went back to his room that had been transformed with his stuff.
    Agreed to share with Ghost Boy.


Suggestions for paragraph structure

Paragraph 1 - past tense
Gripping opening

Paragraph 2 - present tense
Introduce yourself. Describe your character

Paragraph 3
Describe house/setting
Alfie - describe what you saw - past tense
Ghost Boy - describe your home - present tense

Paragraph 4 - past tense
Alfie - explored house to choose a room
Ghost Boy - heard family enter, heard Alfie explore,
                     describe what happened when Alfie entered his room

Paragraph 5 - past tense
Describe incident in the room with the spider and the fly

Paragraph 6
Describe new room after it has been transformed.

Paragraph 7
What happens next