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Setting description


This week we are going to write a setting description of a beach. Todays lesson is to identify the features of an example character description. Follow the video with the sides criteria and example in front of you. You will also need a ruler, some colour pencils and the questions sheet.

Lesson 1 find the features


Today we are looking at writing in the present tense, we haven't done this in school yet so it might be a little tricky. Take your time and watch the video more than once if you find it difficult. Follow with the worksheets.

Lesson 2 present tense


Today we are generating adjectives and writing 2 pair 2 adjective sentences that we can include in our final setting description. Use the work alongside presentation document and the worksheets to complete this lesson and keep it safe for our next few lessons. 

Lesson 3 Adjectives

4K Virtual Walk - Tampa Bay - Sandy Beach

4K Virtual Walk along Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii - 2 Hours video


Today we are going to plan our setting description. It would be helpful to have all your work from this week nearby as you might need to use it. 

Lesson 4 plan


Today we are going to write our setting description of a beach. You might want to listen to some relaxing beach music as you write. This is a short video as this lesson is for you to write. Use your plan and the success criteria.

L5 Write

Softest Beach Sounds