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At the end of this week you are going to be writing a chronological report about an animal that lives in the ocean. This is to link with your Geography topic which is based on the seaside.


Go through the powerpoint  as a slideshow. When you click through the slides you should hear Miss Whitehead talking you through the lesson. 

You will need a copy of the hedgehog report, the hedgehog question and  the success criteria in front of you. 

The tasks that are in the powerpoint

  1. Read through the hedgehog report and answer the comprehension questions.
  2. Use the success criteria to underline the features of the report.

Even if you can not hear the powerpoint each slide runs you through the activity. 



Todays lesson is all about FACTS. Choose your animal and learn as much as you can about it. Watch the powerpoint which gives information on four different animals octopus, jellyfish, dolphins and sea turtles. Pick your animal and then make notes. You may want to watch the presentation twice. 

Once you have watched the presentation you will need to do some of your own research using the links below.

Use the note paper to either make a bullet pointed list of a mind map of all your facts.

You will need all of this information for your next lessons over the week so keep it safe. 

Lesson 2- Animals

Lesson 2 in writing a non-chronological report year 2.


Lesson three is using some grammar to write sentences that can be used in the report. Make sure the notes from Tuesdays lessons are nearby as they might be needed. Listen to the presentation and complete the worksheets. 

Lesson 3 Grammar

Third lesson in writing a non-chronological report year 2.


​​​Todays lesson is planning our non-chronological report. The notes from previous lessons will be useful here as we are organising our facts into the subheadings and creating even more sentences using our grammar features. The video walks you through each part of the plan.

Lesson 4 planning

Lesson 4 planning Non chronological report. Make sure all your work from this week is close by!


Todays lesson is to write the non-chronological report you can use the link to some sea life  writing paper. Read through my example and use the success criteria to make sure everything is include  (the plan from yesterday will help with this). The video walks through each section.

I would love to see some of the finished reports if you want to email me a picture of them!


Lesson 5 - Writing a non-chronological report

Use your plan and all your notes from previous lessons to write an interesting and amazing non-chronological report!