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Work for the week beginning Monday 11th May

Summary of content

Day 1 – Reading a very famous speech and discussing it. Identifying features.

Day 2 – Reading another famous speech by Malala. Identifying features. Writing a letter to Malala.   

Day 3 – Reading lyrics from a protest song. Identifying features. Writing a new version of ‘Streets of London’.

Day 4 – Reading the start of a poem from Cats by T.S. Eliot. Practising relative clauses.     

Day 5 – Reading more of the poem from Cats. Comparing performances. Practising relative clauses.       


Click the links below to download the resources and there is a PowerPoint at the bottom as well. 

Work for the week beginning Monday 27th April 2020.

Here's a summary of your English work:


Day 1 – Reading a poem, practising relative clauses.

Day 2 – Performing a poem, writing with relative clauses.

Day 3 – Reading persuasive texts, revising the features of persuasive texts.   

Day 4 – Watching and analysing adverts. Sorting fact and opinion.  Writing their own advert script.

Day 5 – Reading a letter; annotating features of persuasive writing. Writing a paragraph and preparing a persuasive talk.