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This week we are going to write and record (if you would like) a news round like show based on Charlotte's web. I thought this would be a fun and different activity this week,

These lessons will start from Wednesday as we need to get to chapter 11 of Charlotte's web.  At the start of the week, listen to chapters 5-10 and complete the reading comprehensions.


You can use these as assessments by allowing the children to complete them independently ( which means you can't help them at all with reading of questions or the reading).


Or you can also use these to read and complete with your child. 


 Read and complete the questions. Listen to chapters 5-7 of Charlotte's Web.


Charlotte's Web Chapter 5 Read Aloud

Charlotte's Web Chapter 6 Read Aloud

Charlotte's Web Chapter 7 Read Aloud


Read each part of the booklet and then answer the questions. First read Martha's hedgehog and answer those questions. Then read Great Garden Birds and answer those questions. 

Take your time and take breaks if you need them.


Listen to chapter 8-10 of Charlotte's Web.

Charlotte's Web Chapter 8 Read Aloud

Charlotte's Web Chapter 9 Read Aloud

Charlotte's Web Chapter 10 Read Aloud


Today is lesson one of creating our news show. We need to set out the events that happen in chapter 11 so we can clearly see the story we are going to tell in our news clip. Watch the newshound clip to give you some idea of what a news show looks like. 

Lesson 1 - News show

Charlotte's Web Chapter 11 Read Aloud

BBC Newsround 23/10/18


Today we are going to write some quotes from people who saw the web made by Charlotte. 

Lesson 2 -Quotes


Today you are going to write a script for your news show and you can even record it! Check out mine!

Lesson 3 Creating your news show

Miss Whitehead's News Show