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Information Booklet

This week we are going to write a information book about pigs.


Listen to chapter 4 of Charlotte's web. Read the example report, answer the questions and then find the features.

Charlotte's Web Chapter 4 Read Aloud

Lesson 1 features


Today we are going to become expert on pigs, listen to the video to make some initial notes and then research as much as you can about pigs. BE SAFE if you are using the internet and you can use some of the links I have added on here. I can't wait to hear what you have found out!

Lesson 2- Facts about pigs

Pigs! Pig Facts and Learning About Pigs for Kids

Pigs for Kids | Year of the Pig 2019 | Wild Animals

* PIG * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV


Today I need you to fix my punctuation and then write some of your own sentences. You will need your facts from yesterday.  

Lesson 3- Punctuation correction


Today we are planning our booklet. 

Lesson 4 -plan


Read through my example and then use your plan and the success criteria to write your own book about pigs.

Lesson 5- write