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Story writing 

This week we are going to read chapter 3 of charlotte's web and write a story based on the idea of an animal escaping. Shaun the sheep and Penguins of Madagascar are great things to watch for inspiration. 


Follow the lesson video, today we are going to list to chapter 3 of Charlotte's web. Then you are going to find the features of a story. 

Lesson 1 finding the features of a story

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Charlotte's Web Chapter 3 Read Aloud

Shaun the Sheep: Sheep on the Loose


Today we are going to write a character and setting description that we could use in the opening of our story. 

Lesson 2- descriptions


Today we are going to plan what our character might get up to on their escape. Correct my sentences and then write your own. 

Lesson 3 - Things they may do


Today we are going to plan our story. Follow along with the video and having the planning sheet in front of you. 

Lesson 4 Plan


Today we are going to write our story, make sure you have your work from the week in front of you as you have lots you can include! Use the success criteria to help you include all the features

Lesson 5 write