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Week beginning 15th June 


  • Day 1 – Look at the PowerPoint presentation on informal and formal language. Also watch a video message and answer questions. Then, practise using contractions. Note ideas about your own message.
  • Day 2 – Watch the message and investigate vocabulary for emotions. Write a script for their own message and perform it.  
  • Day 3  – Look at the PowerPoint presentation on expanded noun-phrases. Watch a different message. Practise expanding noun-phrases and write descriptive sentences.   
  • Day 4 – Re-watch Day 3’s message and annotate a transcript to show features of prose/poetry. Then plan, write and perform your own script about memories.
  • Day 5 – Read a Michael Rosen poem about the NHS. Highlight nouns and verbs and then generate ideas for your own similar poems.

For the week beginning Monday 8th June



Day 1 – Listening to The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan. Pondering and answering reflective questions. Exploring artwork and writing about a picture.     

Day 2 – Re-reading a text-only version of the story. Revising the concept of parenthesis and adding information to sentences. Book Review.  

Day 3 – Listening to ‘Macavity’ by TS Eliot. Exploring illustrations and making predictions. Researching tricky vocabulary and writing definitions. 

Day 4 – Use a cloze exercise of the poem read yesterday.  Then have fun doing some imaginative writing. Learn poem by heart.  

Day 5 – Comparing readings of the poem. Looking at features of a playscript. Writing playscripts.


Below is a list of the links to the worksheets and presentation that you will need: