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Persuasive Letter  


This half term all of our English work will be based around the book "Charlotte's web".

This week read chapter 1 and prepare to write a persuasive letter. Follow the video and identify the feature in todays lesson. 

Charlotte's Web Chapter 1 Read Aloud

L1 persuasive letter- finding the features


In this lesson you will be picking the animal you want to persuade your parents to get as a pet and then think of reasons as to why. You can use the spider diagrams or plain paper to record your ideas.

Lesson 2 persuasive letter- animal and reasons


​​​​​​​This lesson we are looking at how we can include conjunctions in our letter. We will be writing some sentences that we can use. 

Lesson 3 persuasive letter- conjunctions


Let's plan our letter! Use the planning sheet and follow the video.

Lesson 4 persuasive letter- Planning


Today we are writing our letter. Read my example first and make sure you have you plan and success criteria. Watch the video and then write it or follow along with the video.Make sure to write on liner paper.  You can use the paper with animal boarders if you like.

Lesson 5 persuasive letter- write