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At the end of this week you will be writing a newspaper report on the story 'Sally and The Limpet'.

Sally and the Limpet


Today we are reminding ourselves of the features of a newspaper. We will look at an example newspaper report and identify the features. 

L1 Finding the features


Today we are going to recap questions and commas in a list. Then I need you to help correct my sentences. I have missed out lots of punctuation: fullstops, question marks, capital letters, commas maybe even apostrophes. There are also capital letters in the wring place!!

Correct the sentences and then write them neatly underneath to practice your super neat handwriting!

L2 Questions and commas


Today we are going to be writing some quotes from eye witnesses ( people who were there) to use in our report. Answer the questions as if you were the person who was in the story. 

Lesson 3 of Newspaper - Quotes


Today you are going to plan your newspaper report. The planning sheet will help you to plan each part so that you can add the correct things to your report when you write it tomorrow. Follow the video for examples and then try to write your own for your plan. 

Lesson 4 plan


Lesson 5 -Write

Today you are going to write your newspaper report. Use your plan from yesterday and the success criteria. Don't forget to read the example first : ).

Lesson 5 Newspaper- Write