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Film based writing

The Lighthouse

Watch the film ‘The Lighthouse’. This week’s tasks are all based on the film.



Describe the setting of this film.
Your setting description should consist of 2 paragraphs:

  • Paragraph 1 - describe the overall setting of the lighthouse
  • Paragraph 2 - describe what it is like inside.

Include a variety of sentence types:

  • Fronted adverbial
  • 2 pair 2 adjective sentence
  • Adj, same adj sentence
  • Noun, which/where/who

Include some of the 5 senses



Write a character description of the lighthouse keeper.
Remember to include:

  • What does he look like?
  • What does he sound like?
  • What are his character traits?
  • How does he behave?
  • What is his back story?
    Where are his family (if he has any)?
    How did he end up looking after the lighthouse?

Genre: Fiction – Story writing


Success Criteria:






Include at least one of the 5 senses



Describe some of the 5 "W"s



Describe their physical appearance



Describe their character traits (personality)






Fronted adverbial



2 pair, 2 adjective sentence AP



Noun which/who/where sentence AP






Include a simile or metaphor


Tier 1






Tier 2






Tier 3





Tier 4





Complete the SATs style comprehension questions on the film of The Lighthouse.


Imagine you are conducting an interview with the Lighthouse Keeper.
You need to find out from him as much as you can about his life and the events on the night that the light went out.
Write questions that you want him to answer and then write what you think his answers would be.
Think about when the film/story was set and how the lighthouse keeper might speak.


For example:
Q. How long have you been a lighthouse keeper?
A Since I were knee high to a grasshopper. My father was a keeper and so was my grandpa. It’s in the family. I must have been doing this job for nigh on 30 years now.

Q. Describe your typical day for us.
A. There’s always plenty to do to keep me busy. There’s the regular jobs that need to be done daily – checking the equipment and machinery, filling in my log book, cleaning the windows, check the weather reports and shipping reports. Then once a week I go into town for supplies and to pick up my post from the post office. Cooking and cleaning too, of course



Write a fact file or an information poster about lighthouses.
I have included some sources of information for you

Try to include:

  • History
  • What is their purpose
  • How they work
  • Famous lighthouses
  • How have they changed over time?
  • Technical vocabulary