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Today we are going to start by listening to the story of Sally and the Limpet. We will then answer the questions about the story. Then we are going to be learning about the structure of a story and apply this to Sally and the Limpet. Make sure you pause the video as you go along to ensure that you are working independently before hearing my answer. 

Sally and the Limpet

Listen to the story and answer the questions.

Lesson 1 - writing a Story


Today we are going to plan out our story which will follow similar events to Sally and the Limpet. Create a character who is at the beach and finds an animal. Taking an animal away from the beach can cause problems. What will the problem in your story be? maybe the animal doesn't have enough space in the bath, maybe they miss their family or you can't find the right food to feed it. Try out different ways to solve the problem and then finally find the solution. 

Lesson 2 plan


Today we are writing a character description that we can include in our story. 

Lesson 3 - character description


Today we are going to plan sentences that we can include in our story. We will be learning about possessive apostrophes and using conjunctions. 

Lesson 4 Grammar


Today you are going to write your story Make sure you have your work from the week in front of you and the success criteria.



Story writing