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Film based writing
Wire Cutters

Watch the film ‘Wire Cutters’. This week’s tasks are all based on the film.


Day 1

Describe the setting of this film.
You will need to describe and contrast:

  • The setting on the planet
  • The atmosphere above the clouds

Include a variety of sentence types:

  • Fronted adverbial
  • 2 pair 2 adjective sentence
  • Adj, same adj sentence
  • Noun, which/where/who

Include some of the 5 senses


Day 2

Select one of the two robots.
Write a character description of one of the two robots.
Remember to include:

  • What does it look like?
  • What does it sound like?
  • What are its character traits?
  • How does it behave?

Genre: Fiction – Story writing


Success Criteria:






Include at least one of the 5 senses



Describe some of the 5 "W"s



Describe their physical appearance



Describe their character traits (personality)






Fronted adverbial



2 pair, 2 adjective sentence AP



Noun which/who/where sentence AP



Adj, same adj sentence






Include a simile or metaphor


Day 3

Select a short part of the film.
Write a dialogue between the two robots and describe the action.
Make sure that you punctuate your dialogue correctly.
Use the PowerPoint to remind you of the rules of speech punctuation.

Genre: Fiction – Descriptive writing


Success Criteria:






Show the different personalities of the robots through their conversation



Describe the action clearly



Use vision, sounds, smell and feelings.






New speaker, new line.



Start speech with the reporting clause.



Split speech with the reporting clause.



Conclude speech with the reporting clause.



Powerful synonyms for ‘said’.



Powerful adverbs to describe how something is said.





Day 4

  • What do you think the material is that they are mining?
  • What are the properties or special features of the material?
  • What is it used for?
  • Why do they need it?
  • Is it valuable?
  •  Is it dangerous?

Write a non-chronological report or a fact file about it.

Genre: Non-fiction – Non-chronological report


Success Criteria:






clear opening paragraph that shows what it is about



paragraphs with sub-headings.



factual and accurate






Variety of tense - present tense or past tense if historical.



Formal tone - no personal pronouns



precise, descriptive language and technical terms.



passive voice.



Use a De: de sentence



Use a Noun, which/who/where sentence



Use a Position + Place, sentence






Bullet points



Day 5

Write an alternative ending for the story where the robots find a way to resolve their conflict.