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This Week Listen To/ Read Peter Rabbit and Friends

At the end of the week you are going to write a Character description. 


Read/listen to at least chapter 1 in the story (you can listen to more if you would like).

Draw a picture of Peter Rabbit and fill in the sheet. Think about what things Peter might like to do and what he is like based on the story. (He sounds a bit  cheeky to me!). 


Continue to listen to a bit more of the story. Think of as many adjectives as you can for Peter. Use the adjective mat to help you, remember to think of more interesting adjectives than happy, sad, nice and good. As a challenge you could use a thesaurus to find some interesting new words. Make sure you know what they mean. Then put some of these adjectives into 2 pair 2 adjective sentences e.g Peter wears a delicate, soft jacket with glimmering, shiny buttons.


Use you adjectives from yesterday to help you write some adjective same adjective sentences. Just like we have done in class. E.g  Peter is cheeky, cheeky because he never listens to what he is told to do.

Then use the adverb mat to help you write some double ly sentence. Peter skips joyfully and happily. 

Hold on to all your work from this week as you can use it when you write you character description. 


Today you are going to write your character description. First you can read my example to give you some ideas. Use your work from this week to help you and the success criteria like you use in school.