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Our Geography topic for this half term is Rivers.  The worksheets and Powerpoint for the first lesson is attached below.  You will need an UK Atlas to find the river or use Google Maps.


If you use Google Maps, you can search the name of the river and you'll then need to zoom in to find the river which is a blue line.  When labelling 'Key Towns' on the worksheet, you might need to zoom out again to see the Key Towns that the river flows near.  


Also attached below is a World Rivers Powerpoint and Rivers Poster sheet.  Look at both of these and choose a famous river to research.  You can choose a river not on the Powerpoint or poster if you prefer.  You need to make notes on:

 - Where is the river?

 - Where is the source (where it starts) and which sea/ocean does it flow into?

 - How big is it?

 - What is it well known for? e.g. is it the biggest river in Europe?

 - What is it used for? Is it mainly used by tourists/carrying goods to places/people travelling to work?

 - Has it had any issues with flooding?

 - Are there any problems with pollution?


You can decide how you want to show your research.  You might like to do a little video and send it to us, a Powerpoint, or a poster.

Any questions, just let us know! 


Research Powerpoint and Poster