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Afternoon Project

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for you to learn more about music. Learning may focus on famous musicians, listening to and performing music and exploring a range of music genres and instruments.


● Sound Effects- Many audio books use sound effects to enhance the retelling of books. Think about a narrative that they are currently reading or have read recently. What sound effects would enhance the retelling of the story? Source a range of props to help add sound effects and record the retelling of the story with their sound effects.


● Carnival Time- The Rio carnival is a spectacle of samba, costumes and dance and takes place every year. Here are some of the pictures from this year’s parade. Research the samba inspired costumes and headdresses worn during the parades. Design, label and make your own mask or headdress taking inspiration from the research completed.


● Expression- Kandinsky felt that he could express emotions and music through colours and shapes within his painting. Create a piece of artwork inspired by their favourite piece of music. Listen to the music several times and feel free to draw or paint the emotion you feel at the time.


● I’m with the Band!- Createy our own musical instrument. This could be a cereal box guitar, drums or shakers. You may even want to make a range of instruments to create a family band. Decorate your instruments to make them appealing. Then research which famous musicians perform with their chosen instrument and watch videos of their performance to inspire your own!


● Music Video Directors- Choose a song of your choice. Tthink about the sort of music video that you could create to go with it. You could storyboard your ideas and think about whether you need any props or even come up with a dance routine before recording it.