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Afternoon Activities

Week beginning 15th June

There's the next lesson in rivers attached below.  You shouldn't need any books, but might need to research parts of the river on the internet if you get stuck.

There's a PHSCE lesson about being 'mindful.' Look at the Powerpoint and then choose 1 or 2 activities from the activity cards. 

There's also a link to the BBC website for a French lesson about hobbies.

Geography - Rivers 


As you know our Geography topic for this half term is Rivers.  The second lesson in the series is based on rivers around the World. The worksheets and Powerpoint for this lesson is attached below.  You will need a World Atlas to find the various rivers or use the internet to help you with the information you need.

Any questions, just let us know! 




If you think back to before lockdown (a long time ago I know!) we were looking at tessellations in Maths. We thought that you would enjoy putting those skills into practice by using tessellations to create a ghost pattern wallpaper in the style of artist M.C.Escher.


There is a link to a short clip below where a ghost outline is drawn to create the basic image and is then repeated throughout the design. You will need to make a template to draw around. There is also a brief history of the artist Escher - that we talked briefly about in school.


Have fun and make sure you send us pictures of your designs.