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Home learning links for both 5H & 5RP are now to be found within the 'Year 5' page.

Sunday 14th June 

Hello year 5!


We hope you're all well and keeping yourselves busy.  Thank you for the work you've been sending in..we've loved reading what you've written and some of you are brilliant poets!


We are going to start a weekly Zoom with you all starting this week.  We'll send a ParentMail out over the next couple of days with the log in details.  The aim is to do it every Friday so you can share the work you've completed that week (if you want to).  We look forward to speaking to you all!!


The work has been uploaded under the Maths, English and Afternoon Activities links below.  We're going to change the layout slightly next week and just do one 'Year 5' Page, so keep an eye out for that and hopefully you'll find it easier to find the work if you've been struggling.  


Speak to you later in the week!


Mrs R and Mrs H. 

Sunday 31st May


Hello year 5!


We hope you had a lovely half term.  The weather was perfect for getting outside wasn't it? 


We've had a quite week.  We were both in school on Wednesday, which was nice and were sorting out the classrooms ready for some children returning to school this week.  We've also been out to have walks with friends which was nice (separately and still keeping a distance!).  


The Maths, English and Afternoon Project pages have been updated with work for this week.  If you have any questions, please let us know.  If anyone had a go at the half term project work, don't forget to email us what you did.

We will be in school more from Monday 1st June, so will try to answer your emails as quickly as we can, but it might take us a little longer than usual. 


Missing you all!  Speak soon,

Mrs R and Mrs H.

Friday 22nd May


Happy 11th Birthday to A in our class yesterday.  I hope your Zoom party was fun and lots of cake was eaten!! You're the fourth person I know to have a birthday on that day! Mrs R.


Hello Yr 5!

We hope you've all had a good week!

We've seen pictures of some of you enjoying playing in paddling pools  - it certainly has been the weather for it. 

Attached below is a Half Term Project if you want something to do.  It shouldn't take too long and is a bit of fun.  We'd love to see you trying out the exercises.  Remember to keep learning those timestables and spellings.  


We'll be back in touch at the end of the half-term break to set the next English and Maths work. 

Take care,

Mrs R and Mrs H. 







Friday 15th May


Click the link below to see all your favourite facesheart

Sunday 10th May 


Good Morning all!


We hope you're all ok and enjoying the lovely sunshine, although doesn't look to be as warm next week unfortunately. 


We've updated the work for this week.  All of the sheets should be available to download and there are links to websites for the videos.  

For the afternoon project, we've set an art activity, but if you finish it quickly, there is also a music lesson you can do from the BBC website.  


Let us know what you've been up to over the last week.  Mrs Rogers and her little boy have been on a 'Where's Wally' hunt that someone has set up where she lives.  Mrs Harrison has been watching the ducklings on the river when she's been going for a walk.  What have you seen on your walks? 


It's been lovely seeing your photos of your lego creations, yummy meals you've been cooking and projects you've made.  Keep them coming!


Miss you all!

Mrs R and Mrs H. 


Tuesday 5th May

Hello all! 

There's a link below some local walks which might be helpful to some of you.


It's been lovely hearing from lots of you over the last few days and we've enjoyed the photos to see what you've been getting up to.

Speak soon,

Mrs H and Mrs R. 

Sunday 3rd May


Good morning Year 5!

During your walks and daily exercise this week we hope that you didn't get too wet. At different points this week we both got caught out in a downpour whilst walking our dogs; although both Bailey (Mrs Harrison's dog) and Buzz (Mrs Rogers' dog) were not deterred by the rain at all and eager to carry on.


Once again, we were both in school this week and for the first time since lockdown we were in at the same time! It was lovely to see each other but very hard to ensure we kept to our social distancing rules. Nevertheless, we had a good old catch up   Apart from that, our week hasn't changed much. We are still enjoying our exciting visit to the supermarkets and are just grateful when the queue is under about 20 people long. 


We have heard from most, if not all, of you this week and it has been lovely talking to you and your parents. We have also been blown away with the work we have received and so pleased that many of you are getting into routines that work for you and you are happy with.

But remember that we just like to hear from you, you do not always have to send work, just say Hi sometimes! 


Below are a couple of links that you might be interested in. The first link is a free download of a book called 'How to NOT go to school' which is about life in lockdown and the second link is a series of art lessons from an artist that works for Disney drawing your favourite characters:


Have a good week and stay safe.

Mrs R and Mrs H.

Thursday 2nd April


Evening Year 5s!

It's 7.30pm and we'd like to think you're all tucked up in your beds fast asleep laugh.  We've had some emails in with the stories you've been writing - thank you! We thought we'd just attach below the sentence types that we've learning in class to remind you what to include in your writing.  There are lots there, but just focus on the ones we've covered, or if you feel brave, try a new one!

Miss you all still! 

Mrs H and Mrs R

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning guys! As promised yesterday here is your project. You could look at completing this in the afternoons, after you have worked on your Maths and English tasks.


 Passion Project

This is something that's going to take up quite a bit of time over the coming week (and even into your Easter break) but you shouldn't mind, as it's going to be about your passion. It could literally be anything, but it needs to be a research project. You'll be emailing it to me and I might even share some on our class page.

Pick a subject that fascinates you, be it fighter jets, caring for horses, the history of West Ham or a Marvel film. If it interests you, do it. You can of course share what you already know, but the key to this will be what questions you ask yourself as you try to find out more. Don't just copy from the internet, and only include what you understand. If you don't understand something, try and find out what it means. For instance, if you were doing a project on Formula One and wanted to explain how cars have got faster due to improved drag co-efficiency - don't just write that down. We, the audience, will ask, what is drag co-efficiency? You might need to ask yourself the same question, and maybe explain it to us. Keep a list of the questions you've asked yourself. If you're not asking yourself questions, you might need to research deeper.

Make a start today, start finding some websites, you may have books to help too. You can present it in any way you wish, it may be a Powerpoint, a lecture, a video or audio piece. It's up to you. It will take many hours to do it properly, so get thinking how to start and start looking for information.

Have fun!

Free Daily Resources

Year 5 Challenge

My attempt to copy Joe Wickes- no laughing allowed 🤣

Thursday 26th March 


We hope you're ok.  


We'll be updating the class pages over the next couple of days with some good links for Maths and English lessons which you can use over the next couple of weeks, so watch this space!


If you're missing a computing lesson, have a go at:

where you can make a simple animation.  There's enough on the site to teach yourself.  Do check with your parents they're happy for you to download the free software.  I found the older version worked best on my computer (version 2.2.7).


Very odd I know, but I'm missing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles performances of last week smiley.


Mrs R. 


Monday 23rd March

Hello Year 5!

It felt odd not seeing you all at school today! 

We hope your first day learning at home was as enjoyable as it could be (some of you probably loved it!!) 


We've added a few more links under the 'Home Learning' section.  There are a couple of science activities linked to our new topic 'Lifecycles,' a French activity and some links for our Geography topic 'National Parks.' 

With the geography topic, start by completing the 'National Parks reading comprehension' activity, before moving onto to the 'Lake District' Powerpoint and research task. 


If you're looking for a bit of a routine, here is a suggestion:


9.00-9.30 - P.E with Joe Wickes (on Youtube daily)

9.30-10.30 - Maths activity

10.30 - 10.45 - Learn a times tables/Times Tables Rock Stars

10.45 - 11.00 - Break

11.00 - 11.15 - Learn some new spellings

11.15 - 12.15 - English activity - either reading, writing or grammar.

12.15 - 13.15 - Lunch

13.15 - 13.45 Quiet reading.

13.45 - 15.15 - Geography/Science/French activity. 


This is not a routine that we're saying you have to do - just if you wanted an idea of how to plan the days.  Please don't feel bad/guilty if you haven't done much at all today.  Find what works for you as a family (and that might be doing some cooking, playing games, going for a walk away from others). It's a funny time for all of us and the most important thing is that we all feel as happy and safe as we can. 


We'll aim to update the tasks available regularly and will certainly write a message to you as often as we can.  We are getting our heads around what learning will look like for you all over the foreseeable future, so please bear with us while we find our feet.

We're missing you all already!

Best wishes,

Mrs R, Mrs H and Mr P.






Wednesday 17th March 2020


Dear Parents / Carers,


We have prepared a range of resources that your child can be completing at home in the eventuality that we are forced to close the school.




A) a Maths booklet

B) a creative writing task

C) 2x reading comprehensions


D) 'Twinkl' login


There is a Twinkl login for parents that will allow you to access a whole host of resources to support your child, themed help sheets and activities.


Please see:


Please use Twinkl.  There are some great resources on there.  You can look under the KS2 tab at the top or search for something specific e.g. Year 5 Maths Fraction work. They also have some good PowerPoint presentations for topics that children might need help with. 


E) If your child needs a little extra help with times tables you can access TTRockstars.


F) some other useful links:


BBC Bitesize has a range of activities that covers all of our subjects. (There is a lot of interesting activities based on WW2 and Earth & Space) 


Have a look at the topics we will be starting in the Summer term:

- Shang Dynasty

- National parks in Britain

- Life cycles


World Book Online have just made their fabulous collection of over 3,000 ebooks and audiobooks available for free for children to access at home. They have books suitable for all ages. Click on the following link to access them.


We hope you keep calm and remain healthy in this difficult time.


Thank you for your support.


Mrs Harrison, Mrs Rogers & Mr Pleasant

Homework this week:

Homework this week is:

- a reading comprehension about ' a lucky lottery winner'.

- a maths sheet concentrating on ordering numbers up to 10 million.

- weekly spellings.