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- Ms Donovan - Miss Porter - Mrs Ekanayake - Miss Mbarouk - Miss Whitmarsh -

Welcome to the Year 4 page!


Thursday 16th July 2020

Hello lovely Year 4!


We can’t believe that it is now the end of the academic year and we have to say goodbye to you, our lovely Year 4 classes. We have really loved teaching you this year, both of us have enjoyed getting to know you and wish we could have taught you in school all year. It was nice to see many of you in the class zooms yesterday and hope you had fun seeing each other and doing the quiz with us.


Thank you so much for the lovely cards, e-book card, gifts and vouchers - they are lovely mementos to remind us of such an amazing year group!


It has been lovely seeing your Year 4 memories projects and thinking back to all of the wonderful times we’ve had at school. We’ve had pictures, powerpoints, poems – as always, we have been really impressed with the quality and creativity displayed. Keep reading to find out some of our favourite memories of the year.

We will miss being your teachers next year, but we will at least be able to see each other as we will all still be on the same floor!



We hope that you and your families all have a wonderful summer and enjoy a well-earned break whatever you get up to. We know that the last few months have been very different and sometimes difficult but we have been really impressed with all of the work you have sent in or told us about – take the summer to recuperate so that you and your families will be refreshed and ready for September. If you would like to stay in touch or have any questions over the summer, we will be available by email and will get back to you as soon as we can.


Project: This summer, everyone in school is being given the same project to complete, the topic of which is ‘Learning outside of school’. This is your chance to show off or demonstrate something you have learnt or improved at whilst away from school. Once we return in September, children will be given the opportunity to share their project so we can all celebrate our achievements together. For more information, see the Home Learning Project Brief below.

Some of our favourite memories

  • Seeing Matilda the musical – what a spectacular show it was. We were so impressed with how sensible everyone was despite the surprisingly loud noises in the show and how brave you were sitting so high up!
  • Learning Haka dances in PE and coming up with our own with great sound effects and impressive facial expressions
  • Singing carols at St John’s church at Christmas and some of Year 4 singing at the Community Christmas dinner
  • Eating lunches together in the dinner hall and having great conversations!
  • We have loved our drama in class – we were so impressed with the Rosa Parks dramatisations, the poetry freeze frames and your wonderful Count Olaf dinner party scenes using your playscripts.
  • Playing real-life Pac-man game using the grid lines in the playground.
  • Making the Iron Age staters and Roman mosaics – everyone did such a fantastic job, even though both creations were very fiddly!
  • Ms Donovan loved doing her 4D class quizzes together.
  • We loved being able to stay in contact with you all doing zooms and getting emails with pictures and work from your parents.


… but most of all, our favourite thing this year has been:


***getting to teach you all!***




Take care and see you in September!


Love from,

Ms Donovan and Miss Porter /

Home Learning

Please remember to supervise your children’s online activity and to encourage them to use safesearch via the school website. If you would like more information about online safety, please click on the link.

Weekly plans

Topic Projects


We will be setting a new project each fortnight which will cover a variety of curriculum subjects.

Schemes of Work


We recommend using Hamilton Trust for English lessons and White Rose for maths (as suggested in the weekly plans) but both BBC Bitesize Daily and Oak Academy are also very good.

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