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Dear All,


However you are celebrating during these holidays, we wish you a lovely, happy time together!smiley


The children have done brilliantly, since their return and it has been wonderful to have them back together again. 


There have also been some great achievements, outside of school too, which deserve a mention - Gwen and Gruff's amazing family bike ride to the Olympic Stadium was recognised by Blue Peter who awarded them with a coveted Blue Peter Badge each! So, congratulations Gruff and Gwen. Also, Poppy raised a wonderful £1,000 in aid of Panthera who support wild cats around the globe and was personally commended by Giles Clark, Director of the Big Cat Sanctuary. Great work, Poppy!



Big congratulations to the whole of Year 3 too, for their amazing mystery solving skills and great team work! Just in the nick of time they solved the disappearance of our class mascots - Jenny, the Sabre-toothed tiger and Victor, the Dodo. As you will see from the photographs below, nobody was above suspicion and every clue was scrupulously followed up. (If you want the full details, I am sure the children will have a lot of fun telling you all about it!) So, well done, Year 3! It is lovely to have Jenny and Victor back safe and sound. 








It would be really great if you could please check all uniform and PE kit is labelled (even initials will do) and that PE shoes still fit. Many thanks.



Monday 12th April - staff INSET day

Tuesday 13th April - Children return to school.


We hope you are getting chance to enjoy some of the incredible sunshine and having a nice relaxing time. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!smiley


Take care.


With kind wishes,

Mrs Burrows and Miss Gove.






Hello all!


We are so looking forward to welcoming back all of the children tomorrow! smiley 


A few bits of information for you:


  1. PE has now been moved to Monday mornings. Not to worry if the children don't have their PE kits tomorrow morning though, they can bring them in later in the week. 
  2. Our classrooms are very chilly these days, as we are keeping our external doors open for increased ventilation. Please dress your children in multiple layers!
  3. Tomorrow (and probably throughout the week) we will have some special 'Show and Tell' sessions for the children to share their non-chronological report. Please remind them to bring them in! Thank you.


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. smiley


Take care.

Miss Gove and Mrs Burrows. 







Happy Chidren's Mental Health Week!


This year's theme is "Express Yourself". Have a look at the calendar above and have a go at the suggested activities. They sound really fun!


As you know, most communication will now take place on the Google Classroom page. If you are having any problems accessing that, please do let us know. All the children are doing brilliantly and should be very proud of themselves - we are!


With very best wishes,

Miss Gove and Mrs Burrows.



- the children were brilliant! 


Year 3 Info


The Year 3 teachers are Ms. Gove and Mrs Burrows. 3B is supported by Mrs B and Mrs Thomas while 3G is supported by Mrs. Conway and Mrs Smith. Also helping us this year are: Coach Anthony, Red Balloon and Mr. Flynn.


Our Reciprocal Reading book for this term will be the brilliant George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. We will start this towards the end of September.


Please note that our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. We also run the "Daily Mile" so please make sure their school shoes are suitable!


Homework will be set each week on a Thursday, to be given in the following Tuesday. This consists of a piece of English homework, spellings and Maths. We will always aim to have a spelling test on Tuesdays and mark as much of the homework as possible together so the children can learn from any mistakes. (Please note that any homework handed in later than a Tuesday may not be marked.)


We will update our class pages regularly. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions, we are happy to help.


Mrs Burrows and Miss Gove.



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Check out the new How To Train Your Dragon activity sheets in Miss Gove's English section. I highly recommend writing sentences using the Dragonese Dictionary!

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Hi All


Just wondered if we could cheer up one of our neighbours. We can pass on any pictures through the school too. Please read on.


Hi everyone, I stopped to chat with one of my elderly neighbours (Betty, aged 92) yesterday. She lives by Buckhurst Hill Primary School and always stands at the window and waves to the children - it’s always the highlight of her day. Since the school has closed and we’ve been in lockdown she seems so lonely, one of her neighbours died recently and she has no family at all. She goes out EVERY DAY to the local shop at the top of the road (the shopkeeper is making sure she has everything she needs) - she really shouldn’t be putting herself at risk like this but she is craving company so she won’t let anyone shop for her.


I wondered how I could help her and cheer her up. I’m going to get my son to draw her a picture and write her a letter and I wondered if any other children might want to write to her too. I can print off letters and post them through her door if anyone would like to help or if you are passing her house, please wave and chat to her. Her name is Betty, she loves cats and foxes (she feeds the foxes every evening) and she has lived in Loughton/Buckhurst Hill since 1941.


I just feel so sad for her, if anyone has any other ideas, please let me know.


My email address is:

Hello All


Just thought I'd share this with the class.




On Friday the 20th March 2020, the school gates closed... I was surprised as it was a few weeks before the Easter holidays. All the children, except children of key workers were sent home. It was fun! I played with my little brother, painted rainbows for our windows, jumped on my trampoline. The weather was nice and warm.  After a little while, I started to miss my friends, my teachers and I missed learning how to swim.  I looked forward to talking to my friends on the phone and spent time learning new things on twinkl. 


I hope that when the coronavirus is over, we can all be together again, we can go out and play, learn and have fun all together again. 


For now I will stay at home so I can protect my family and other families too. 




Coronavirus coronavirus 


I miss my friends and family and just want to play!

Coronavirus coronavirus 

We will find a way, to get rid of you once and for all, our key workers are saving the day! 




Coronavirus Coronavirus 

Stop taking lives

You've hurt so many families 

it breaks our hearts every time


Coronavirus coronavirus 

I will stay at home

if it means we stay protected and keep you from spreading, I will do all that I can to STOP you infecting. 


Amber H, age ( nearly 8) 


Bless you all, speak soon.





Hello Everyone


Hope you are enjoying the Easter holidays. Today would be the first day proper of the Easter break, but at the moment that doesn’t feel exactly how it is. No matter. Some of you will want to take a break from school work, and some of you will fancy carrying on with your learning now that you’ve found your new normal. Either way is absolutely fine. Miss Gove and I will be checking our email periodically every few days, so if you have any issues, queries or just want to send us something to post on the class pages then please get in touch, we will get back to you.

Enjoy the break as much as you can and know we’ll be posting some more English and Maths lessons come the week starting April 20th.


Happy Easter


All our very best


See you soon


Miss Gove & Mr Stuckey

We are putting together a regular Year 3 newsletter!

Please email any photos or scanned work to and/or

We look forward to seeing your submissions!


Hello everybody,


You'll be pleased to know I am fighting fit and raring to go! 


Here are a couple of ideas of how to focus your learning this week. 



Mr Stink

If you have a copy of the book, finish it, and if you don't, here's a link so that you can watch it. 


The children could have a go at writing a book review, telling us what they thought about the story, the characters, what they particularly enjoyed or would change. They can tell us if they would recommend it to a friend and why. Would they read another story by David Walliams? What about trying another David Walliams story or comparing it to a Roald Dahl book. 


Or could they imagine trying to become an MP like Mrs Crumb? What would their  manifesto be, what would they like to change, what laws would they bring in and why? They could make a poster or leaflet with these on. 


Any daily reading is, of course, beneficial. 




This is a weeks worth of learning on fractions.

Don't forget that it is always beneficial to recap times tables and number bonds up to 20. 


Here are a few websites which could help support the children's learning.


There is also Joe Wicks doing PE every morning, Myleene Klass doing music without an instrument and Carol Vorderman doing Maths every day on YouTube. 


Please encourage your children to be as active as possible and remember the value of joining you in normal home routines like cooking, tidying up, doing the garden.....


Do not worry if you are unable to access any of these resources. Children continue to learn through play and joining in with you as you go about your day. 


Take care of yourselves and each other. We miss you loads and will post regularly on this page. If you have any problems or queries, please contact me on and I will respond as quickly as I can. 


Thanks All







A little extra help and advice for working online with children.


  • Thinkyouknow (advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online)
  • Internet matters (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • Parent info (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • LGfL (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • Net-aware (support for parents and careers from the NSPCC)