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Year 1


Hello Everyone!


We just want to say a big THANK YOU for all your support and hard work, with home learning, during this very challenging year. It has been really helpful. Also, for your very kind words, cards and thoughtful gifts. It is appreciated so much.


Please find the Summer project listed below - "Happy holidays" and stay safe and well for our September return! 

Have a wonderful time. We miss you already! 🙂👋 


With very kind wishes from

Year 1 team




SCROLL DOWN TO WHAT MRS GOVE FOUND IN THE PLAYGROUND.....if you dare!! (Sound alert - quite noisy!).


Saturday, 11th July, 2020.

Greetings this fine day!


We hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. 😊


If you are fond of wildlife, it would be worth having a look at the lovely osprey babies in this live web link from the Woodland Trust. Also, excitingly, there is a chance to vote for your favourite names for the chicks:


More activities are available on the Oak National Academy website: . Come on – get your thinking caps on! wink


In White Rose Maths, work is focussing on time – the hour, half hour, comparing and writing times. Give yourself plenty of…TIME… to work on that! For English, there is some lovely ‘Summer’ work to enjoy. Don’t forget the talent show, if you want to take part.


We would normally send this message on the last day but we are aware that a number of people are going away and may not be accessing the Class Page next week, so we just wanted to say what a joy and privilege it has been to teach your children this year. Whilst the virus has cheated us of some time together in school, we have enjoyed sharing with you all in lots of new ways and keeping up with the children’s activities and antics. We are very proud of all they have achieved, both in school and at home. We are going to miss them and are confident that they will all do brilliantly in Year 2. 


Keep up the great work, Year 1! smiley


So, please take care and have a wonderful summer!  


With very kind wishes,

Mrs Burrows and Mrs Ovel.  




Still image for this video



Saturday, 4th July, 2020.

Good morning, Everyone!


We hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. 😊


Well, as quickly as it seems to have come round, our minds must turn to the end of term! It wouldn’t be possible to have a party in the usual way but we want to have a little celebration of all that we’ve shared together this year and all the children have achieved (within the restrictions of the present situation!). 😊


So, we came up with the idea of having an informal ‘talent show’, just within the confines of each bubble. A chance for the children to show each other and us, something they are good at, enjoy doing or just want to have a go at. It’s nothing they should worry about and if they don’t want to do anything, they can enjoy watching their friends. They can retell their favourite story or poem, share something they have written or drawn or ‘perform’ something they enjoy doing. It will be on the final day of term for each class -Tuesday 14th for 1Ov and Thursday 16th for 1B. So, if your child wants to take part and is not going to present on that day then, please can you let the teacher know and they can do their part on the last day they will be attending school. We will provide an individual carton of apple or orange juice and a bag of crisps to enjoy during the show (handled in line with safety advice). If you wish to send an extra treat in your child's lunchbox, for the afternoon, do feel free but nothing to share, please. Thank you. If you have any queries, do feel free to drop us an email. 😊


If those who are learning from home would like to send in a video of them sharing something, that would be lovely too.


More activities are available on the Oak National Academy website: . Are you enjoying the challenges?


In English, even though you may still be working through ‘Brian Bear’s Picnic!’ tasks, we are adding another unit called, ‘Bob the Bubble’…..well, how could we resist?!laugh


In White Rose Maths, work is focussing on halves and quarters. There are also some tricky challenges to have a go at!


Enjoy your week and take care. 😊


With very kind wishes,

Mrs Burrows and Mrs Ovel.




Saturday, 27th June, 2020.

Hello Folks!


We hope you’re all enjoying the sunny weather. 😊


Just a quick note of caution. With this weather come a number of risks. The obvious ones, we know you are more than aware of but unfortunately, there are also many less obvious risks regarding the safe use of our lovely rivers, canals, lakes and of course, the sea. The cool water is so tempting during these hot months but every year there are very sad cases reported which usually stem just from a lack of local knowledge regarding weirs, undercurrents, tides, rip currents, inflatables in the sea or large lakes and so on. It is always worth checking the situation out beforehand, as even somewhere you are familiar with, could have changed in terms of how to access the water safely. Just a few thoughts as we want you to have the best and safest fun in the sun. 😊


New and interesting activities are available on the Oak National Academy website: . Which are you finding is your favourite?


This week, in English, we are moving on to look at ‘Brian Bear’s Picnic!’. There are so many things to choose from - designing a picnic rug, postcards and thank you letters to write, a quiz, a song to join in with and more. What a choice! We hope you really enjoy the tasks. 😊


In White Rose Maths, work is focussing on ordering numbers, recognising coins, recognising notes and counting in coins. Have fun!


Enjoy your week and take care. 😊


With very kind wishes,

Mrs Ovel and Mrs Burrows. 

1B Gallery 29.6.20

Barnaby working hard on his writing.
Good work on your beach worksheet, Barnaby.
Interesting writing about knights by Barnaby.
Very good descriptions, Barnaby.
Good castle and lighthouse work, Barnaby.
Barnaby's lovely, neat handwriting.
Very neat wordsearch work, Barnaby. Well done!
Looks like Bela has a new friend!
Wow, Bela. You're brave!
Bela and a stripey, furry friend.
A beautiful rainbow by Bela. Well done!
Barnaby and his fantastic birthday cake.
Barnaby's yummy chocolate fountain.
Barnaby and his great birthday decorations.
Happy Birthday, Barnaby! Hope you had a great day.

Saturday, 20th June, 2020.


Hello Everyone!

Well, I guess the gardens needed all the rain! It’s nice to see the sun back today, though. Hope you are enjoying it.


As ever, there are lots of activities to choose from on the Oak National Academy website: . How many of the subjects can you challenge yourself with?! 😊


We are still exploring themes brought up in The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch? So we hope you have fun with the new resources, from seaside themed writing tasks to ‘Spot the Difference’ and word searches. So much to choose from! 😊


In the White Rose Maths, we are focussing on partitioning, comparing and ordering numbers. Also, just to say, going over the basics is never wasted, especially with the summer holidays coming up. So, revising number bonds to 10 and 20, counting up to 100 and back down to zero, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s is always good to keep the skills up to date! There are lots of games and songs online so you can do it in a fun way, just when you have a few minutes, e.g


Enjoy your week and take care. 😊

With very kind wishes,

Mrs Burrows and Mrs Ovel.  

Resources for w/c 22.06.20




Saturday, 13th June, 2020.

Hello Everyone!

We hope you had a good week. What a strange mixture of weather we have been having! Have you carried on with your weather charts? If so, you will have had lots to put on it.


As ever, there are lots of activities to choose from on the Oak National Academy website: . Have some fun with these this week. 😊


Are you enjoying The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch? We have added more resources to help you explore the story; from writing shopping lists, to drawing or even making a lighthouse. There are also some interesting facts to read about lighthouses with a few questions to answer about what you found out. Have fun!


In Maths, we are focussing on arrays, doubles, equal groups – sharing and grouping. To allow everyone to cover the same content and prevent confusion, it will be best if all five of each week’s sections are completed. So, for those in school Monday/Tuesday please encourage your child to do the three sections of White Rose Maths which follow on and for the Thursday/Friday group, the first three sections, should be completed in preparation for the work to be done in school, please. That would be much appreciated. Thank you.


We have also added a few Maths challenges, just for fun, from NRICH - another useful website to check out if you want to give your brain an extra workout!


(Oh and - shh - don't forget to finish your Father's Day cards!😊)


Enjoy your week and take care. 

With very kind wishes,

Mrs Ovel and Mrs Burrows.  



Hello Year 1!                                                                          8th June 2020                                                                                                               


We had an enjoyable week, welcoming some of you back and although a little different, our “bubbles” worked superbly!


Hopefully, you all enjoyed the half term break and are settling back into enjoying our class-page learning and activities.  Do remember both of us are always available by email if you have any questions, want to send in photos of work or what you’ve been up to or just want to say “Hi”

Mrs Burrows –

Mrs Ovel – annette. ovel@


There are lots of activities to choose from on the Oak Academy website:  Lots to have fun with - Story writing, exclamation marks and getting active with Joe Wicks!


Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s within White Rose Maths Home Learning – (links and daily lessons listed below) and we have provided another option to the Oak Academy English for you to select from, focusing on a new core text: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch - – Where is the story taking place?  What would your favourite meal be? What would be your least favourite meal? 


Shhhhhhhh… “Fathers-Day” is on Sunday 21st June

Find resources below to make a fabulous card with a writing insert for a special message.


Have fun and enjoy your week!

Stay safe and well,


Mrs Burrows and Mrs Ovel

Please scroll down below this week's newsletter and resources for return to school details, should you need them. smiley

Gallery wc 8.6.20

Lovely neat work from Barnaby.
Excellent drawing of your tent, Barnaby!
Barnaby working hard.
Barnaby's great drawing of Frank. Well done!
Good description of meeting Frank, Barnaby.


Hello Everyone!

We hope you had fun with the half-term tasks we gave you and have been enjoying all the lovely sun this week. Have you been busy?

We have!

Happy Pentecost, to all those who are celebrating. We have some activities based around Pentecost this week we hope you enjoy them.


As ever, there are lots of activities to choose from on the Oak National Academy website: . Have some fun with poetry this week, especially finding out what onomatopoeia is! Did you see how many vowels are in that word!! Anyway, we would love to see some of your poems, if you would like to share them. There is also a new Talk for Writing Pack by Pie Corbett - Sayeeda the Pirate Princess!


There is more on measurement in Maths to enjoy and even a Windmill activity. smiley


Enjoy your week and take care.

With very kind wishes,

Mrs Ovel and Mrs Burrows.


Good afternoon!


Here are further details for those needing them from next week. We look forward to seeing you. To avoid confusion and inadvertent contact, it is important that you know which teacher your child/children will be with and which classroom you will need to take them to. If you have any queries, please do contact us. Home schooling resources will continue to be added to this page. Thank you:


  • Start: 9.10 – Finish: 2.50
  • Year 1 to enter through side gate and straight to classrooms.
  • Clean uniform should be worn each day.
  • Packed lunches will be provided or you may bring your own if preferred.
  • Children must not bring anything into school – no books, school bags or P.E bags.
  • Fresh drinking water will be provided in each classroom.
  • Please apply sun cream before school as required.


Mondays and Tuesdays:

Mrs Ovel Miss Hale – 3G CLASSROOM

Lily R        Will

Lily H        Roberts

George      Ava-Grace

Max           Joe C

Lexi          Joesph Y



Michael     Jamie

Daniel D    Daniel G

Emma        Lillian

Charlie     Tegan 



Miss Porter – 2W CLASSROOM

Leila       Cora

Daisy      Emily (1B)

Olivia      Rhys

Hugo       Seb



Thursdays and Fridays:

Mrs Burrows 2G CLASSROOM

Zach                Raffy

Luca                Havana

Joe                  Aimee



Lucy               Otto

Alfie               Jesse

Ethan             Otis



Bela               Sofia

Max               Cruz



Take care and stay safe.


With very kind wishes, 

Mrs Ovel and Mrs Burrows. smiley 


Latest Adventures of 1B.

Barnaby working hard outside.
Barnaby's lovely writing.
Max fishing for tadpoles.
Max out getting some sun. Nice shades, Max!
Max concentrating hard.
Wow! Brilliant catch of tadpoles, Max. Well done.
Happy Birthday, Keeran! Hope you had a great day.
Some fun exercise for Keeran.
New friends and a special little helper for Keeran
Keeran working hard on Maths. Well done!
Keeran. You're making us all hungry! Yum!
Yummy cake, Keeran.
Congratulations on losing a tooth, Raffy!
Cool tooth fairy bag, Raffy!






Hello Everyone!

Do you like the picture of these little friends from a walk the other day? Lovely goslings.

This is the perfect time for spotting baby animals. Do you know what a baby hedgehog is called? It’s a cool name. Maybe drop it on an email for us, if you know or find it out! You could also tell us about any baby animals you see – maybe there is a nest in your garden.

Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating. Hope you have a wonderful time.

A big, big thank you to all of you who were able to join us on the Zoom talk on Friday. It was SO wonderful to see you all and your families. Well done for waiting patiently for your turns. Hopefully, you enjoyed all meeting together too.

Well, it’s time for half-term and we thought we would set you a fun series of challenges to keep you busy – all the details are below. We hope you enjoy them!

We look forward to seeing and hearing about all the interesting things you make, talk about and do. HAVE FUN!


With very kind wishes,

Mrs Burrows and Mrs Ovel.


Hello everyone!

Below, as promised, are the details of the Zoom meeting! Thank you for your responses, we hope you are able to join us. It will be nice to see you! If you have any problems with joining, please email either of us so that we can try to help.

If the children would like to show or talk about something they have done, that would be good or if they would just like to have a chat, that is fine too.

See you soon!!


Mrs Burrows and Mrs Ovel are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Year 1’s Zoom Meeting

Time: FRIDAY - May 22, 2020 10:30 AM London


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 713 9391 4392

Password: 0rQDhH



17th May 2020 

Hello Year 1!       


Good Morning and Happy Sunday!                                            

We have loved hearing from you all and seeing your photos, which, if you scroll-down, are posted for you to enjoy too! Also, there’s a special video message from the staff at BHCPS to all of you, so if you haven’t seen it yet, take a look!

(See homepage under Notice Board or Gallery option in “Children’s” drop-down box).


ENGLISH – see Oak National Academy lessons. This link will take you directly to Year1: There are a range of activities, daily phonics, weekly spellings and daily lessons with “Miss Brown”. Lots to choose from on this site.

Lesson 1 – English Terrifying T-Rex    Enjoy!


Also, in the resource box below, there is another Talk for Writing pack: ‘Pippety Skycap – A tale of Mischief!’  It's a lovely pixie adventure with lots of English challenges. Have fun!


MATHS – we are moving on to some measuring challenges and the White Rose resources below have some helpful worksheets.


Have a good week and stay safe.


Miss you all!

Mrs. Ovel and Mrs. Burrows. smiley


Dear All,

Hello! Just a little note. As you know, we are trying to arrange Zoom meetings for you, so if you are interested in joining in, we would be grateful if you could please let us know which day and time would suit you best. If possible, it would be helpful if you would send us three options, by the end of the weekend, please. Many thanks.

A reminder of our contact addresses:

This week’s newsletter will follow, as usual, ready for Monday.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Please stay safe.

With very kind wishes,

Mrs Ovel and Mrs Burrows. smiley

May the 11th, 2020


Hello Everyone!

We hope you are well. How did you all get on with the VE Day celebrations?

We hope you had a lovely time and would love to hear how you celebrated.


This week we will be thinking about Ramadan,  which is 23 April to 23 May this year. Ramadan Mubarak to all who are celebrating.


If you don't already know about it, the resources below will help you to find out what Ramadan is all about, who celebrates it, how it is celebrated and why.


There will also be opportunities for some lovely artwork and as a challenge, you could try comparing what you learn about Ramadan celebrations with the VE Day celebrations, which took place on Friday AND 75 years ago.


For English, see Oak National Academy lessons. This link will take you directly to Year 1:

There are a range of activities, Daily Phonics, Weekly Spellings and Daily Lessons with ‘Miss Brown’. Lots to choose from on this site.


We will be arranging some zoom sessions later this week, to catch up with you and see how you are getting on. Further details to follow. We would love to see some of your work and share it on the Class Page, if you would like us to.


We hope you have fun with this. STAY SAFE! smiley


With very kind wishes

from Mrs Burrows and Mrs Ovel.


ENGLISH - here is a choice of story openers and story endings. Pick one opener, then one ending and write a story which links the two sensibly.

Link to Oak National Academy. Some other interesting options for English, such as:

Something a little different that may interest you - Assembly! An option on the Oak National Academy website:

Luca's amazing adventures and skillful photographs.

A lovely amphibian by Luca.
Brilliant building, Luca.
Engineering going on.
Giant funghi. Well, Luca is more of a fun guy!
Great concentration, Luca.
Lovely garden scene by Luca.
Luca spots a busy bee.
Fun with a swing!
Weird and wonderful in the woods 1 by Luca..
Weird and wonderful in the woods 2 by Luca.
Some great writing from Luca.


1 Ov are Busy Bees

Baking Yorkie Puds!
Helping hands!
Gymnastic skills in the garden.
Scientist at work!
Beautiful stones to spot in our community.
Cora's very own "milking cow"
"Cool dudie!"
Something's missing?
Daily walks
Will's golden ram fish called "Shiny"
Getting creative Roberts - fantastic!
Hard at work!
Ben's Den building fun!
Yummy pizza!!!!

GALLERY 2 - The continuing adventures of 1B.

A lovely selection of activities from Bela. Great!
Looking cool, Bela!
Amazing rock painting, Bela!
Brilliant work, Bela. Well done!
Conquering the great outdoors!
Defying gravity - brave, Toby!
Team Dilworth and more Lego than I have EVER seen!
Team Dilworth.
Toby - Lego architect!
Toby on cool wheels! Hope you had a great day.
Congratulations on learning to tie your laces!
All working together on Maths.
Diana outside keeping fit with her sister.
Diana getting on with her Maths.
Still working hard! Well done, Diana.


We shall never forget. 

Here is Joe all ready for the VE Day Commemorations, Jesse with his amazing photo album from the 50th Anniversary of VE Day and Bela also had fun celebrating - lovely outfit! Thanks for sharing.

Joe ready for the big day with his lovely bunting.
Jesse with his photo album from 50th Anniversary.
Jesse sharing some of the photos in the album.

The Adventures of 1B!

Emma doing the Bourbon dance. Great moves, Emma!
Happy Birthday, Max!
Jesse deep in concentration. Well done, Jesse!
Jesse keeping the beat.
Jesse's brilliantly neat writing.
Max getting adventurous!
Max getting busy outdoors.
Max getting creative. Brilliant!
Max takes on a shark!
Alfie's amazing creation! (A bit of help from dad)
Cruz workking hard on challenges. Well done.
Cruz working on a Spitfire glider.
Good use of your lovely set of colours, Cruz.
Serious scissor skills, Cruz!
The finished product. Great work!
A brilliant letter by Joe. Great advice too!
Joe getting ready to bake. Well done!
Hugs during exercise for Raffy. Lovely.
A great job learning kings & queens facts, Raffy.
Raffy's cat found a little friend. Cute.
Great moves, Raffy!

May the 4th, 2020


Good morning,                                            

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!! Why have we put that, Year 1? As a little challenge – find out! We have left you a clue.  

 We hope you are all well and had a good weekend.


In last week’s newsletter, we said we were going to focus on something special this week. Do you remember what it was? Here’s a picture clue:


So, your Mission for this week, should you choose to accept it, is:

  1. Find out what is being celebrated on 8th May and why.
  2. Write or draw what it is all about. You could:
    1. Make a poster.
    2. Dress up as an evacuee and take a picture to send us. Maybe add a caption.
    3. Imagine you were there on 8th May 1945. Write a diary entry about the day you heard the news about VE Day and what the celebration was like – what happened in the streets? What did you see/hear/eat? Perhaps draw a picture too.
    4. Why do you think we still celebrate it now? Talk to an adult about it. Think about whether you think it is important that we still do and why or why not.
    5. Talk to an adult about WW2. Do they have any pictures they can show you, maybe of an older member of your family, during the war? Again, you could write and tell us about this, if you would like to.
    6. Learn some Wartime Songs.  

We would love to see some of your work and share it on the Class Page, if you would like us to. We hope you have fun with this and have added some resources below. STAY SAFE! smiley

With very kind wishes from Mrs Burrows and Mrs Ovel. 

ENGLISH - a fun and creative poetry activity:

This is a link to walks around Buckhurst Hill.





ENJOY! smiley


                                                                                       Tuesday, 28th April, 2020.

Well hello again! 


With the weather changing we thought we would just drop you an extra note about your weather projects. You might find it interesting to see how different things look outside after the rain; not just the grass and the flowers but the sky too! We would love to see what you have been up to - weather charts, pictures, painting, writing, baking! Perhaps you could    send us some photographs of all the lovely things you have been doing. No pressure though. smiley We have both been trying our hands at various ways to keep fit and new challenges like sketching, for Mrs. Burrows and some new recipes, for Mrs. Ovel; when we're not busy working, of course!


Also, we had an email from one of our parents (any pictures can be given in at the school and if anyone has any ideas, please email them directly to the school to pass on. Thanks.)


'Hi everyone, I stopped to chat with one of my elderly neighbours (Betty, aged 92) yesterday. She lives by Buckhurst Hill Primary School and always stands at the window and waves to the children - it’s always the highlight of her day. Since the school has closed and we’ve been in lockdown she seems so lonely, one of her neighbours died recently. She has no family at all. She goes out EVERY DAY to the local shop at the top of the road (the shopkeeper is making sure she has everything she needs) - she really shouldn’t be putting herself at risk like this but she is craving company so she won’t let anyone shop for her.


I wondered how I could help her and cheer her up. I’m going to get my son to draw her a picture and write her a letter and I wondered if any other children might want to write to her too. I can print off letters and post them through her door if anyone would like to help or if you are passing her house, please wave and chat to her. Her name is Betty, she loves cats and foxes (she feeds the foxes every evening) and she has lived in Loughton/Buckhurst Hill since 1941.


I just feel so sad for her, if anyone has any other ideas, please let me know."


So, we are looking forward to hearing from you. We hope you are all keeping well and taking care of each other. We miss you and would really like to hear from you. smiley


With very kind regards,

Mrs Burrows and Mrs Ovel

Health and Wellbeing Website:

For adults and children of all ages – have a look through mindfulness guides to calm body and mind and activities to fill time purposefully. From yoga with kids to gardening tips, we are sure that you can find something wonderful to do .
Every week we are posting new material to help you engage with nature in the best way you can, through videos, photos and fun for all the family.


Advice and guidance site for parents/carers:

COVID-19 Pandemic Resource Hub for support and guidance during this time.



27th April, 2020


Good Morning Everyone!  smiley


We hope you are all keeping well, have had a good weekend and have been enjoying some of the tasks we have shared with you.


Well, we are fast approaching May Day, which is a public holiday, usually celebrated on May 1st; now officially known as the Early May Bank Holiday. It is an ancient festival of Spring and currently, a traditional Spring holiday in many European countries. Dancing, singing and cake (yum!) are usually part of the festivities. This year, in Britain, it has been moved to 8th May to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day celebrations, which we will focus on next week.


For ‘May Day’, perhaps you could design your own cake, card, poster or even have a go at making a mini maypole – perhaps with a straw and strands of wool. If you like, you could imagine having been to one of these celebrations and write a diary entry or story about it. You will find some activity sheets and a PowerPoint below. You could even have a go at Morris dancing, if you are feeling brave!


Just a reminder that many museums and some zoos have virtual tours, if you are looking for something different to do. There are a range of activities below, hopefully you will find them interesting. Stay safe.


With kind regards,

Mrs Burrows and Mrs Ovel.

Activities for week commencing 27.04.20 (The story worksheets are marked *, ** or *** for level of difficulty and there is an answer sheet after EACH set of questions).

Maths link:  


Just to give you an idea of what you should see:


19th April 2020

Hi year 1 and Happy Sunday!


We hope you had a lovely, if a little strange, Easter break and enjoyed the glorious weather we had.  Are you having fun completing the Weather project and investigating the shape shadows?


If you're looking for a bit of a routine, here is a suggestion:


  9.00 -   9.30 - P.E with Joe Wickes (on Youtube daily)

  9.30 - 10.30 - English activity - either reading, writing or grammar.

10.30 - 10.45 - Take a break!

10.45 - 11.30 - Maths activity

11.30 - 12.00 - Phonics play/handwriting practice (letter formation)These have proven popular with some people:

12.00 - 13.00 - Lunch

13.00 - 13.20 - Quiet reading.

13.20 - 14.30 – Topic (Geography weather investigations and activities)

14.30 - 14.45 - Take a break!

14.45 - 15.00 – Word based activities (Maybe select 5 Spellings a week)

15.00 - 15.15 - Singing/Story


This is not a routine that we're saying you will have to do - just if you wanted an idea of how to plan the days.  Please don't feel bad/guilty if you haven't done much at all in a day.  Find what works for you as a family (and that might be doing some cooking, playing games, going for a walk away from others). It's a funny time for all of us and the most important thing is that we all feel as happy and safe as we can. 


Missing you all, stay safe

Mrs Burrows & Mrs Ovel


  • Maths – Week 1- Doubles ,Grouping, Sharing, Finding half, Friday Maths challenge


White Rose Maths Home Learning

There are a series of maths lessons for each year group from Early Years - Year 8 (five new lessons are added each week).  Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully. Please enter White Rose Maths Home Learning and click on the link for year 1 work, but the curriculum for other years can also be accessed if your child is not working at age related expectations. See the Week 1 plan for more details on how to access this resource and follow the lessons through.


I See Maths

I See Maths have created daily 10 minute video lessons and maths activities (for both Key stage 1 and 2) to help develop reasoning skills.


Interactive activities

  • Maths is FunMaths concepts and methods explained in an easy to understand way. It includes interactive tasks at the bottom of the page - ‘Your turn’
  • CBeebies NumberblocksBrilliant for children needing support with their basic number skills or for younger children



For English activities and tasks please see below:




A newly enhanced service from the BBC is starting today - Monday 20th April:  (organised by year group and then subject).

Another resource available from today: (If you click through onto Online Classroom, there is guidance for parents on how to use the resources).

The following link has excellent advice regarding home education, which you may find useful: 



Monday, 6th April, 2020.


Dear All


Hello! We hope you are all keeping well and have been able to have a good weekend with all the sunshine to enjoy. We miss you!

Below you will find out your new Project! Please feel free to take at your own pace. It is a Geography project all about ‘Weather’. Something we love to talk about in Britain! It would be good to watch some weather forecasts too and talk about them together.


In addition to the things we have set out in the project, some other fun ideas you could try are:

  • On sunny days, if possible, go into your garden and make shapes on the ground with your shadow. Challenge each other to make a duck, a rocket or something else! Look at how any flowers in your garden respond to the sun. Are there any buds in your garden? What is happening to them?
  • On cloudy days, see if you can spot shapes made by the clouds. You might find a rabbit or a dragon or a spaceship! You could then try drawing them or writing about them.
  • On rainy days, look out at the differences in your garden. Do the flowers look different? How? You could also make a simple weather chart showing which days are rainy, sunny, cloudy, etc. How could you measure how much rain falls each day? Get your brains working!


We hope you find some things that interest you. You could also listen to The Four Seasons, by Vivaldi, with the children and talk about how the music for each season reflects their individual features. This link has a different picture for each season, which means you can just sample each season, if you don’t feel like listening to it all! (Any problems, just look up ‘The Four Seasons’ by Vivaldi, choosing Video as your search option).

We hope you have lots of fun trying different things and discovering interesting facts. Do feel free to let us know how it goes.



Take care and kindest regards,

Mrs Burrows and Mrs Ovel.

 If you have any problems opening this, please let us know. Thanks. or 



Key stages: early years foundation stage to key stage 2

Description: all children’s audiobooks are available for free while schools are closed.

Registration: not required

Wednesday April 1st, 2020


Hi everyone!

We hope you are well and keeping busy.  As promised, we have added some updates so that you can focus the children’s learning and fun!  Hopefully, you have all started to find ways to make home learning work for you and your family, however if you are still trying to work out a routine for you as a family, don’t worry!  There is no expectation that everything on the class page will need to be covered – there are a range of activities so that hopefully you find some that suit you!

The next two weeks will be the Easter holidays and later in the week we will be posting our Geography project based around nature and the weather, we will reveal all soon…!

Please remember to supervise your children’s online activity.  Here are some links recommended by the government for parents concerned about online safety.

  • Thinkyouknow (advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online)
  • Internet matters (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • Parent info (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • LGfL (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • Net-aware (support for parents and careers from the NSPCC)


Miss you all! Take extra good care of yourselves and your families.


Bye for now!

Mrs Burrows and Mrs Ovel 😊


Here are some more activities for you to choose from; some English, Science and then Maths options. (Just a note of caution for parents, one is a Maths answer booklet and the reading activities also have answer pages. Just mentioning this in case you are printing off and then giving the pages to the children!smiley). Have fun! 

Week commencing 30.03.20


Dear All,


Good morning! We hope that you are all keeping well and have had a good weekend with chance to enjoy the sun, where possible.smiley


To begin the week, here are some Maths sites which have been recommended, so we hope the children find them interesting. Please try the links below:


For books and stories, you may find these sites useful: 


For anyone who hasn't discovered him yet, Joe Wicks streams PE lessons, on YouTube, live at 9am week days, called 'PE with Joe' or they can be viewed later on his channel: The Body Coach TV - YouTube. It is also a great time to be looking at how things are growing and changing in the garden, which is something we would have exploring in Science; it can also be a lot of fun! angel


We will be adding more updates later in the week. 

For now, wishing you all the best for a safe and healthy time together.


With kindest regards,

Mrs Burrows and Mrs Ovel.



Dear All - hope you are all keeping well and enjoying your time together. Here are some further ideas for things to do. Hope you enjoy them! The Maths sheets get progressively more difficult, to give you a choice. If you can help the children to understand the link between halving and doubling by looking through their answers, that would be great! The reading comprehension is a challenge task so if they seem to be enjoying it, then that's good but if not then it might be best not to force it. If you are able to print it out, the children could go on a digraph and trigraph hunt, underlining or highlighting any of their Phonics that they spot in the story. If you can't print, then the children could just point them out to you on the screen. If you don't have 'sticks' as such for the stick puppets then it should work with cut up strips of a cereal box or something similar. We will be updating things regularly and hope this is useful to you. Just a reminder about the games on Phonics Play which they children are familiar with and enjoy. Also there are lots of resources on Twinkl, which you may find useful ( or if you need to create an account, they are offering a 1 month free trial. Step 1: Go to Step 2: Create an account and enter the offer code CVDTWINKLHELPS. Also, it would be great if (with the permission and support of your parents/carers) you would like to send in any pictures of your work, or messages about what you have been up to (and, parents/carers, let us know if you would be happy for them to be shared on the class page!). We miss you! Have fun learning! Warmest wishes to all. Mrs Burrows and Mrs Ovel.


YEAR 1 PROJECT - March 2020


Websites for Children 


Here are some online resources for your child to access from home. 


This is a great website with interactive games and resources to support the teaching of phonics.


This website has lots of interactive maths games.


Another great website with suggestions for maths-related games and activities.


The Oxford Owl website has games and activities to support English and Maths.


Twinkl is used regularly in school and has a wealth of resources to support learning across the curriculum. They are offering free membership at the moment.


Numberblocks episodes can be found on YouTube and iPlayer. A great educational maths programme.


This website has links to various apps which can be downloaded from the App Store.


These are the Jolly Phonics songs in the order they are taught.


These are various songs which can be found on YouTube which the children enjoy.



Here are the Phase 2- Phase 5 sounds to practise at home.


Here also are some letter and number formation sheets. 

Here are the first 100 words. When your child can read the first 100 words on sight, they can begin to spell them. 






Excellent teamwork 1B!

1B celebrating their success with a new puzzle.
Showing great teamwork and resilience. Good job!

Year 1 Newsletter 6.2.20

Year 1 Newsletter 30.1.20

Year 1 Newsletter - 16.01.20

Year 1 Newsletter - 9th January

Year 1 Newsletter 19th December

Year 1 Newsletter 12th December

Year 1 Newsletter 5th December

Year 1 Newsletter 5th December

Year 1 Newsletter 28th November

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Year 1 Newsletter - 7th November

Welcome to 1B's class page. Our teacher is Mrs Burrows and our Learning Support Assistants are Miss Cassels, Mrs Tassie and Mrs Conti.


We will be posting lots of pictures of things that children are involved with during their day so that, with us, you can celebrate all that they are doing so well.


A newsletter will be posted here each week to keep you up to date and please do feel free to catch me, if you have any questions.


With kind regards and best wishes,


Mrs. Burrows.

Newletter - 17/10/19

Year 1 Newsletter 4.10.19

Year 1 Newsletter 26.9.19

Year 1 Newsletter 16.9.19

Year 1 Newsletter 20.9.19

Gardening Club are collecting used Ink Cartridges which they can exchange for cash for the school. If you have any, please bring them in and put them in the box in the Year 1 Cloakroom either at the beginning or end of the school day.


We have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays. PE kit can stay in school and be taken home to wash every half term. Earrings are not permitted for PE.

               P.E. Kit:   Navy blue shorts and t-shirt.

                               Black plimsolls.

                               White, navy or black trainers


Homework is sent home on a Thursday and is due in by Tuesday. 



Toy Workshop - Thursday 10th October 2019

Parents' Evenings - 16th and 17th October - please send in any appointment request slips by Monday 7th October.

Half Term Holiday: Monday 28th October - Friday 1st November.



Year 1 Information

Curriculum Meeting 2019-20

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