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Class trips and photographs

A special visit from Daisy!  11.12.2018

Today we were very lucky to receive a special visit from Daisy the guide dog!

This lovely dog was a guide dog for nearly 9 years! Wow! 

Now she lives with Caleb in 3S and has a very happy life enjoying dog treats, cuddles and lots of belly rubs!

We talked about guide dogs and how they help people who cannot see. We learnt about how to look after dogs, when not to approach a working guide dog and the rigorous training they go through.

Daisy even sat nicely for us at the end so we could get a photo!

Thank you so much Daisy for coming to visit us!


Regency Lodge

Last week the Year 3 choir children were fortunate enough to visit the residents at Regency Lodge to perform some of our favourite Christmas carols!

This was specially put on by Mrs.Gray and we are so pleased she was able to rehearse with us and take us there to help celebrate this special time of year.

The children were absolutely amazing and sang their hearts out! 

The audience sang along and thoroughly enjoyed all the songs the children had learnt.

To say thank you, the residents had put on an impressive spread for the children which they sat and enjoyed, talking, socialising and making new friends!

Well done everyone!  

This week we focused on showing respect for 'Anti-bullying week'.

The year 3 girls worked with Mrs. Swift to share positive affirmations about each other.

It was beautiful to see how much they cared for and respected each other.

We are going to laminate these pictures and put them up around Year 3 so we can be reminded of the positive things people see in us.  

Choose respect - Anti bullying week 2018

Last half term, we were investigating rocks and soils. Here you can see us exploring some fossils, rocks and stones. 

We looked at the density, weight, durability and whether is was permeable or not. (Did it let the water in!)


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As part of our rocks and soils learning, we made a compost bin using several different layers.

We used the new gardening area outside to source stones, gravel, mud, soil and worms!

Finally we added shredded, damp paper and food waste.

We hope the worms are happy in there!