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Year 6 - Mrs Stephens


Dear Parents/Carers,


Hopefully, the children came home on Tuesday and told you about the Aztec workshop that they took part in. A company called Mexicolore brought their knowledge, artefacts and enthusiasm for the Aztecs to year 6. The children dressed up, played Aztec instruments and watched slides and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience. We took lots of pictures of the event and plan to make a display which you are welcome to come in and see.


Year 6 SATs Information Evening

We hope that you were able to join us at the information evening last week. We have put the SATs information PowerPoint and the Danbury PowerPoint onto our website page for your information. We tried to put a copy of the hand-out that we distributed at the meeting onto our page but unfortunately the file was too big. If you would like a copy, please send a note in with your child and we can send one home.


We take any incidents of bullying very seriously at BHCPS. We currently have opened a dialogue with all children regarding bullying at our school. While the number of incidents of bullying is small, we recognise that this small number of incidents have a disproportionate and significant impact on those involved and the wider school community. Until the end of this half term, we will be investigating:
1. What bullying looks like.
2. What to do if you are being bullied or you believe someone else is being bullied.
3. How the school deals with it.

4. Why do people bully others in the first place.



Maths: Mr Flynn’s group will be practising SATs style arithmetic questions.

Maths: Mrs Stephen’s group will be practising SATs style time interval questions.

English: We have set a Bug Club homework this week. Please encourage your child to read the text thoroughly before answering the bug questions.















Mr Flynn’s group have been introduced to ratio.
Mrs Stephens' group have been converting between dividing a fraction by a whole number.



This week, we have been finishing our rescue stories based on Harry Potter with the focus being to use a variety of sentence types. The children have been working really hard on producing an engaging story and including all the new Alan Peat sentence types we have learnt. We have been very impressed with the quality of the children’s writing and they should all be proud of their efforts.


SATs Assessments
To inform our teaching focus over the coming weeks, we are currently assessing the children retention of what’s been taught so far. We will be going through the papers with them in detail to address misconceptions.


Key Dates:


¡ Friday 1st February – Grandparents’ reading afternoon for years 2-6

¡ Monday 4th February 2019 – Year 6 Cyber safety training.

¡ Monday 4th  February 2019 -  Visit by Montell Douglas

¡ Tuesday 5th  February 2019 – Safer Internet Day

¡ Thursday 7th February 2019 – Break up at 3:15

¡ Friday 8th February – Non-pupil day


For more information, please see the Parent Mail or contact the admin staff.


Thank you for your support,


Mrs Stephens, Mr Flynn, Mrs Rogers, Miss Laura, Mrs Thomas.