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Year 4 Homework due 24th April 2018

Year 4 Homework due 27th March 2018

Homework due Tuesday 20th March

Homework due: Tuesday 13th March

Year 4 -Ms Gove and Mrs Gray

Welcome to 4G!  Our class teachers are Ms Gove and Mrs Gray, and our Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Smith. 

Our P.E. days are Monday and Friday.


Our door is always open! If you would like to arrange to meet with us, please email the office and we will be happy to make the arrangements. smiley

Weekly Homework due 30th January

Weekly Homework due 23rd January 2018

Weekly Homework due 9th January

For our class Christmas Party on Tuesday 19th December, please feel free to bring a change of clothing!

Weekly Homework due 19th December

Weekly Homework due 12th December

Weekly Homework Due 21st November 2017

Weekly Homework due 7th November

Half Term Project! Due 7th November

Year 4 Homework Due 24 October

Year 4 Homework Week 4 (due 10th October)

Week 3 - due 3rd October

Week 2 - due 26th September

Year 4 Homework Due: Tuesday 28th November 2017