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The adults in 2H are Miss Hall, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Wigley.

PE days are Monday and Wednesday.

Next 200 High Frequency Words

water bear find these live away can’t more began say good again 

I’ll boy soon want cat round animals night over long tree never narrator 

how things magic next small did new shouted first car man after us work

couldn’t going wanted other lots three where eat food need head would

everyone fox that’s king or our through baby town took two way fish I’ve 

school has been gave around think yes stop mouse every home play must

something garden who take red bed fast didn’t thought door may only ran 

dog right still many know well sea found laughed  let’s fun any better lived

much place under hot birds suddenly mother hat sun duck told sat snow 

across horse another boat air gone rabbit great window trees hard white 

why sleep bad floppy coming cried feet tea really he’s keep morning top 

wind river room queen eyes wish liked last each fell eggs giant jumped 

book friends once looks because its box please use even green dark thing 

along am different grandad stopped plants before let there’s ever dragon 

gran girl looking miss pulled clothes which end most we’re tell inside than 

cold fly key run best park grow 


Please check homework folder below.

From now on spellings will consist of 200 high frequency words!

Please help them to pick 10 different words from that list per week and write a sentence for each. If they are really struggling with particular words, they can practise the same words the following week. This is far more individualised for them and they can focus on the spellings they find tough. Thanks for your support! 


Additional Resources for Home Learning

Great Fire of London topic

The children have loved learning this song at the end of our History lessons!

Seven Continents Song

Our topic for this term across the curriculum is 'Our World'. The children have loved learning the Seven Continents song!